International Committee Meetings

Here is some information about past IC meetings. The numbering scheme is taken from the Final IOI'92 Report.
30th Meeting: September 11-18, 2004, Athens, Greece (at IOI2004)
Proposal for Office of President
ISC report to IC

29 Meeting: March 19-20, 2004, Athens, Greece

28th Meeting: August 16-23, 2003, Parkside, Wisconsin, USA (at IOI2003)
Minutes (not available)

27 Meeting: March ?, 2003, Parkside, Wisconsin, USA
Minutes (not available)

26th Meeting: August 18-25, 2002, Yong-In, Korean Republic (at IOI2003)
Minutes (not available)

25 Meeting: March ?, 2002, ?, Korean Republic
Minutes (not available)

24th Meeting: July 15-20, 2001, Tampere, Finland (at IOI2001)

23rd Meeting: January 27-31, 2001, Tampere, Finland
Proposal for election procedure for IC

22nd Meeting: September 25-27, 2000, Beijing, China (at IOI2000)
Finnish Team

21st Meeting: April 22-27, 2000, Beijing, China
Photograph of IC members in Beijing

20th Meeting: October 9-16, 1999, Antalya-Belek, Turkey (at IOI'99)

19th Meeting: April 7-10, 1999, Antalya-Belek, Turkey
Minutes (NOTE: These are a draft version of minutes that were subsequently approved)

18th Meeting: September 1998, Troia, Portugal (at IOI'98)

17th Meeting: March 9-13, 1998, Arrabida, Portugal
Minutes available in two parts: 9 March 1998, 12 March 1998.

16th Meeting: December 1-6, 1997, Cape Town, South Africa (at IOI'97)

15th Meeting: March 3-7, 1997, Cape Town, South Africa
Minutes (will also be published in an IOI'97 Newsletter).

14th Meeting: July 25 - August 2, 1996, Veszprém, Hungary (at IOI'96)

13th Meeting: January 27-30, 1996, Hungary
Minutes (also appeared in the third Newsletter for IOI'96)

12th Meeting: June 30, 1995, in Eindhoven, The Netherlands (at IOI'95)
Minutes not available.

11th Meeting: October 27-30, 1994, in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
The minutes of this meeting appeared in the first Newsletter for IOI'95.

7th - 10th Meetings: no information available

6th Meeting: July 15 and 17, 1992, during IOI'92 in Bonn, Germany
The minutes of this meeting appeared in the Final IOI'92 Report.

5th Meeting: October 27 - 30, 1991, in Bonn, Germany
The minutes of this meeting appeared in the Final IOI'92 Report.

4th Meeting: during IOI'91 in Athens, Greece
No minutes available.

3rd Meeting: February 25-28, 1991, in Athens, Greece
The minutes of this meeting appeared as Chapter 2 in the Final IOI'91 Report. Here the term International Committee was used for the first time. In the Final IOI'91 Report this meeting is called the first meeting of the IC.

2nd Meeting: during IOI'90 in Minsk, (Former) USSR
No minutes available. The Final IOI'90 Report mentions "The Working Group in Coordination of Actions Dealing with the Following Olympiads" and lists the countries represented in the group. There is also a list of 9 "conclusions".

1st Meeting: presumably during IOI'89 in Pravetz, Bulgaria
No minutes available. The Final IOI'89 Report just mentions the names of, what they call, the "Working Group for Coordinating the Activities Referring to Organizing Future IOI".

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