Lionel Hartmann Secretary General (Chairman)

Alexandre Cerveira Chairman (IOI 98 )

Antonio Caleco Portugal

Ries Kock Netherlands

Stanislaw Waligorski Poland

Gokturk Ucoluk Turkey

Laszlo Gulyas Hungary

Jari Koivisto Finland

Zide Du China

Fernanda Pedro Secretary General IOI 98

1 WELCOME The Chairman welcomed delegates to this first meeting of the year and expressed a special word of thanks to hosts Portugal for the warm reception and very unique venue. He stressed that the role of the International Committee was to work with Portugal to ensure a successful IOI.

2 APOLOGIES Apologies were received from Per Stilborg (South Africa ), Donald Piele (United States), Peter Waker (IFIP-Observer) and Tom Verhoeff ( IOI Secretariat)

3 Minutes of the previous meetings held in Cape Town in December 1997 were confirmed as correct. The Chairman noted a change requested by Peter Waker namely that he was invited on to IC as a representative of IFIP with no voting rights. The Chairman also clarified his position as there was apparently some misunderstanding. He would return to being South Africa's representative on IC once his term as Secretary General was over. This was agreed to by the meeting.

4 Matters Arising:

4.1 Contact Information Data Base was passed on to Portugal by Per Stilborg. Donald Cook to be asked to pass competition questions and solutions to IOI Secretariat. ACTION Lionel Hartmann.

4.2 IOI Statistics. After some discussion it was agreed that the group looking at this proposal would continue with it's research bearing in mind the concerns expressed in respect of legalities involved in disclosure of personal information. There appeared to be agreement on the need for a database to be built up and the history of IOI to be recorded. Database to include as much information as possible concerning medallists and record their achievements and successes since IOI. Information on the Internet should only reflect statistics by country code.

This group would prepare and ciculate a further report to members of IC by not later than 31 July 1998. ACTION - Waligorski/Hanak/ Kock




4.3 Gokturk Ucoluk had prepared a report which would be copied and ciculated to members. He drew attention to the fact that it had been prepared with the position of Turkey as a future host in mind. The Chairman confirmed that the IOI 97 Report would be circulated shortly. ACTION Lionel Hartmann

4.4 Future competition environments. The report by Tom Verhoeff was tabled and would be discussed at the meeting to be held on 12 March

4.5 Proposal to amend rules. This was not ready yet and it was agreed to extend the deadline date to 31 July 1998. ACTION Per Stilborg

4.6 Potential host nations. Agreed that the letter to Cyprus re their participation in Turkey would be held over until a possible resolution was finalised by Gokturk Ucoluk and conveyed to Lionel Hartmann. ACTION Gokturk Ucoluk

4.7 Contestant eligibility conditions. Deadline extended to 31 July. ACTION Per Stilborg.

4.8 Procedures re elected members. Deadline extended to 31 July . ACTION Per Stilborg.

4.9 IOI Research. For discussion at meeting on 12 March.

4.10 Review of rules and regulations. Deadline extended to 31 July. ACTION Per Stilborg.

4.11 Preparation of problems. This formed part of a wider debate and would be discussed in greater detail as part of the presentation by the Scientific Committee of IOI 98.

5 Report by future host nations.

5.1 Turkey reported that they planned their Olympiad to take place during the last two weeks of October 1999 in Antalya Belek. They were expecting about 400 attendees. They are preparing a new type of question which would take the form of a game. Greater details will be presented to IC in September 1998.

The meeting was adjourned at 10h30 until Thursday 12 March 1998.