Lionel Hartmann Secretary General (Chairman)

Alexandre Cerveira Chairman IOI 98

Antonio Caleco Portugal (Hosts 1998)

Ries Kock Netherlands (Hosts 1995)

Stanislaw Waligorski Poland (Elected)

Gokturk Ucoluk Turkey (Hosts 1999)

Laslo Gulyas Hungary (Hosts 1996)

Jari Koivisto Finland (Hosts 2001)

Zide Du China (Hosts 2000)

Mohammad Ghodsi Iran (Elected)

Fernando Pedro Secretary General IOI 98


1. Welcome. The Chairman opened the second meeting of the International Committee for 1998 and extended a special welcome to Mohammad Ghodsi who had joined us since the first meeting. This meeting was a continuation of the adjourned meeting held on Monday 9 March and would pick up those items carried forward as well as the balance of the Agenda. The Chairman extended a special welcome to Dr Antonio Figuerido (Chairman of the Scientific Committee – Portugal) and members of his committee who had been invited by him to sit in as observers. The discussions would have an impact on them as next hosts.

2. Matters arising

4.4 Future competition environments

The Committee discussed the proposals submitted in great detail all the proposals submitted by Tom Verhoeff and his committee. The following proposals (With amendments underlined) were approved by the International Committee:

That section 7 of the IOI Statutes and Regulations be amended by adding the following rules setting boundary conditions:

The contest shall






There was , however, little support for the proposal to establish a Competition Board. It was felt that the onus rested with the host country and that there should not be any obligation to submit to scrutiny by an appointed /elected group of "wise men". The problems encountered in South Africa were not the norm. It was agreed that Portugal would make provision in their programme for some time in case such a meeting took place. They would also be free to call for inputs and suggestions from others if they wished. ACTION: Antonio Caleco

It was also agreed that this issue was to be raised at General Assembly in Portugal this year. Tom Verhoeff and his committee to submit motivated proposals for consideration ACTION: Tom Verhoeff & Committee.

    1. IOI Research
    2. The research findings of the survey carried out in Cape Town were tabled and approved. These are to be circulated.

    3. Preparation of problems

The committee discussed this issue in great detail. The problems encountered in Cape Town were analysed and brought to the attention of the Scientific Committee of Portugal .

3. Future host nations

    1. China
    2. Zide Du of China presented a brief verbal report on their preliminary plans for IOI 2000.

    3. Finland

Jari Koivisto presented the plans for Finland 2001 using overhead transparencies.

4. New Business

    1. Proposal from Mexico
    2. The problem encountered by Mexico in identifying an official team leader and deputy team leader was discussed. The committee agreed that the current rules and regulations were clear on this issue and did not require any amendment . The onus for this falls on each participating country and cannot be legislated by IOI.

    3. Sponsorship of IOI Secretariat

Ries Kock reported that he had been approached by a potential sponsor for the IOI Secretariat and required the approval of the International Committee to proceed. This was agreed to. ACTION: Ries Kock










  1. Recommendations arising out of presentations by Portugal
  2. All recommendations relevant to the hosting of IOI98 were made during the specific presentations. These had been noted by Portugal. The Chairman thanked Prof Alexandre Cerveira and his team for the arrangements during the visit by the IC. Members would leave with a positive image for this year’s IOI. He also committed himself and all members of IC to assist in any way that Portugal may find necessary

  3. General
  4. Prof Alexandre Cerveira expressed his thanks to IC for the supportive and constructive inputs made during their visit. He and his Committee were looking forward to a very successful Olympiad .

    The Chairman thanked members for their dedication and the way in which they had all worked together in the interests of IOI. He looked forward to seeing them all in Setubal in September.

  5. Date/s of next meeting
  6. The next meeting of the International Committee would take place in Setubal . Date and time to be advised.

  7. Closure.

There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting formally closed.