IC Meeting Minutes

October 1999



  1. Introduction
    This series of meetings took place in parallel with the IOI’99 event, in five sessions. The minutes below are grouped context-wise
  2. Attendance

Absent: None.

  1. Chairman for meeting
  2. In the absence of the approved changes to the regulations, made in Portugal, the change to regulation S4.2 was reiterated; specifically that the chair of these IC meetings (as Secretary-General) was to be Prof. Cerveira.

  3. Minutes of last IC meeting
    Prof. Cerveira mentioned that he send the minutes prior to the meeting. Since nobody received it, the common opinion was that the email got lost. Upon the distribution of the minutes, they were approved with some minor corrections.
  4. Minutes

Several points were raised with respect to minute taking (in general):

  1. Minutes were the responsibility of the chair of the current meeting.
  2. IC minutes should be distributed to the IC before they meet to approve them.
  3. Minutes shall be produced within 30 days (at the latest).
  4. Minutes should be taken at GA meetings for all proposals and votes, except those relating to tasks.
  5. The IC should ratify the GA minutes at its next meeting. These minutes should then be passed on to the IS.

Action: Changes to regulations S4.2 and S4.10 to be proposed to GA.

  1. IOI’99 Matters
    Various remarks have been made:
    Prof. Ucoluk:

Action: Statutes will be updated on this matter (S2.7).

Action: It has been decided that the case is not intentional and IOI’99 will consider the leader as a team (financially), but inform the ministry of the country.

Prof. Du:


  1. Enschede meeting document
  2. Prior to this IOI, a committee met in Enschede, The Netherlands, to discuss potential changes to the scientific component of the IOI. A document, prepared by this committee, was presented by Prof. Cerveira. Four areas were specifically covered: Organisation, Task Types, Computing Environments and Evaluation. The proposals in the document had the approval, and promised co-operation, of both China (IOI'2000 host) and Finland (IOI'2001 host).

    The IC was unanimously in favour of the direction of the Enschede document.

    This document was discussed extensively by the IC. A variety of changes were made and the new version was presented, to interested members of the GA, at a workshop. Additional discussions took place in an IC meeting after this workshop. A formal proposal was produced, for presentation to the GA.

    Prof. Ucoluk indicated that Turkey would be ready to host any ISC meeting.

    Dr. Hanak would collect suitable names for the elected positions on the ISC, for presentation to the GA.

    Action: The consensus of IC was, after the feedback of the workshop, to present a regulation (S4.12) for the formulation of the ISC. In particular, the ISC shall consist of 7 computer specialists, with backgrounds in Olympiad task creation, 3 of whom are to be elected by the GA.

    In an IC meeting subsequent to the acceptance (by the GA) of the formation of the ISC, Tom Verhoeff announced the ISC would be meeting before the end of the IOI, in accordance with its new regulations.

  3. Establishing a Secretariat of IOI
  4. Mr. Hartmann had distributed a draft document of his proposal for establishing a secretariat to provide continuity and ease the administrative burden. There was specific discussion on a registration fee, to be introduced with effect from IOI'2000, to fund the establishment and running of a secretariat. There was agreement that the secretariat was necessary but finance may cause problems for poor countries.

    Dr. Verhoeff, in his role as the International Secretariat, commented positively about it being established. He indicated that he would not be the person to do this task.

    Action: The proposal will be brought to the attention of GA.

  5. Presentations of future hosts
    1. IOI’2000

China has summarised the ongoing preparations towards the IOI in the years 2000. The IC has been informed on the following matters:

Approval for up to 85 countries was given.

    1. IOI’2001

Finland has informed the IC on the following matters:

    1. IOI’2002

Korea has informed the IC on the ongoing preparations toward IOI’2000.

    1. IOI'2003
  1. Intent
  1. Other Matters

Prof. Waligorski:


It is proposed that an amendment to the IOI rules shall be done as follows:

"By participating, the contestant is accepting the rights of the IOI organisers to publish the contestant’s solutions and gather statistical and other information from such solutions."

Egypt (as written proposal):

Action: To be passed to the ISC.

Greece (as written proposal):

Action: To be passed to the ISC.

Denmark (as written proposal):

Action: No change.

Dr. Verhoeff:

Action: To be passed to the ISC.

Test Data (received proposal):

Action: To be passed to the ISC.

Obligation of Hosts:


Action: To be discussed at the next IC meeting.

Guest Prices:

Action: To be discussed at the next IC meeting.

  1. Closing