Minutes of IC Meetings held in Antalya, Turkey

(8th April,1999)



Alexandre Cerveira Chairman IOIí98 Host 1998

Antonio Caleco Vice-Chairman IOI'98 Host 1998

Fernanda Pedro General Secretariat IOI' 98 Host 1998

Lionel Hartmann South Africa Host 1997

Gokturk Ucoluk Turkey Host 1999

Zide Du China Host 2000

Jari Koivisto Finland Host 2001

Ha-Jine Kimn Korea Host 2002

Stanislaw Waligorski Poland Elected Member

Richard Forster Great Britain Elected Member

Donald Piele USA Elected Member


1. Welcome Alexandre Cerveira welcomed delegates to IC meeting and expressed his votes for a good teamwork.

2. Apologies of Peter Hanak were presented. Attend for urgent and critical work problems turn impossible to participate on IC meeting. Alexandre Cerveira presented apologies for IOI'98 final report not be delivered, because the English version is not ready.

3. Minutes of previous meeting held in Troia, September 1998, was presented, some amended done and confirmed as correct.

4. Matters arising

4.1 Future competition environments - As the document produced by Donald Piele and Ries Kock and approved by the IC in Troia was not present, Donald will try to contact Ries till the end of IC meeting to discuss it.

Jari Koivisto announced that Finland, could purpose a new language in October, during IOI'99 as support for the contest. This language is supposed to be an algorithm language but no further details were presented.

IC was informed that Turkey is preparing a workshop during IOI'99 where future competition environments will be discussed among members of GA.

4.2 IOI Research - Stanislaw Waligorski inform that the research could be near an end.

4.3 Sponsorship of IOI secretariat - no evolution in this matter. Lionel Hartmann presented some ideas that he will prepare as a proposal to be discussed during IOI'99 - IC meetings. This proposal will look for the opportunity of IOI participating countries pay a fee to support a permanent Secretariat, that will be responsible for keeping track of all data generated, promoting and marketing the International Olympiad in Informatics.

4.4 New participating countries - Gokturk Ucoluk asked for permission to invite until 75 countries to participate on IOI' 99. Accepted by IC members.

4.5 Official invitations - Gokturk Ucoluk promote a discussion about what makes an invitation official, once the IOI rules indicate that the invitation must go from a country to another country, but in several countries the government is aside this event. IC members defined that the contact must be establish officially from an official entity from the host country to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and/or Education, informing about the event and refereeing which entity or entities are involved from the invited country. A copy of this invitation should be supplied to the national IOI organization from the invited country.

4.6 IOI Certificates - must be presented to GA an amend to IOI regulations where should be defined what kind of certificates will be prepared for people participating in the event and for medallists students. Alexandre Cerveira will purpose to IC the revision text to be approved by GA in October.

4.7 Final scores - this subject was discussed and approved the following by IC: "The final scores for all the medallists students must be available and only for this ones". Alexandre Cerveira will purpose this amendment to the rules to GA

4.8 Bad contestant practices - discussed this subject that in South Africa and in Portugal eliminate several contestants, the general opinion is that are no way to prevent it. It is just a question of honor that must be remembered to team leaders, deputy leaders and contestants before the contest begins.

4.9 Permission to access the problem solutions for investigation purposes - a mail originally from US-NIST was presented by Gokturk Ucoluk. IC decided to ask for complementary information. Meanwhile the students, which solutions could be involved on the investigation, will be contacted for permission, to overcome copyrights problems.

4.10 Participants nationality - Richard presented the problem of students and professors from different nationality than the participating country, be involved as a national team. IC defined that as far as there are no conflict with the origin country they could participate. If there are conflicts, they will not be allowed to participate, but by they original country. Alexandre Cerveira will purpose an amendment to IOI rules to better reflect this subject.

4.11 IC members invitation - the rules accepted in Portugal must be followed.

4.12 Observer countries - IC defined that a country could only be Observer for one year. Exception must be considered for countries not participating in IOI contest for more than 3 years. Alexandre Cerveira will purpose this amend to IOI rules, to GA in October.

5. Future hosts

5.1 IOI 2000 - Zide Du summarized the preparations of China towards the 2000 event. IC was informed that:

Upon the demand of China, the sort name and the date of IC meeting has been approved.

5.2 IOI 2001- Finland has made a presentation by Jarri Koivisto:

5.3 IOI 2002 - Ha-Jine Kimn made a brief explanation. Furthermore he handed out a questionnaire in electronic form to be fillled out. The questionnaire seeks information from former hosts as well as propositions for IOI 2002.

6. Other matters

6.1 Regulation update for 5.* - In the Status an infimum is imposed on the nomination of a "future host". There shall also be a supremum.

Decision: An amendment to the rule like "No application will be finalized until n-4" will be proposed to GA.

6.2 Letter of intent of Canada - Alexandre Cerveira has informed IC of a letter of intent of Canada for 2005.

6.3 Future candidates - The list of candidates for future Olympiads presented in Troia IC meeting where recalled because of possible candidacy of Romania for 2004.

6.4 Minutes of GA - Several remarks on the negative effects of delay in the publication of the minutes has been made. In a similar way it was proposed that GA meetings shall be minuted. Alexandre Cerveira will purpose to GA this amendment to the rules.