Minutes of IC Meetings IOI’98 held in Tróia, Portugal

(6th, 9th, 10th and 11th September, 1998)



Alexandre Cerveira Chairman IOI’98 Host 1998
Antonio Caleço Vice-Chairman IOI’98 Host 1998
Fernanda Pedro General Secretariat IOI’98 Host 1998
Ries Kock Netherlands Host 1995
Peter Hanak Hungary Host 1996
Lionel Hartman IOI’97 Secretary General Host 1997
Per Stilborg South Africa Host 1997
Gokturk Ucoluk Turkey Host 1999
Zide Du China Host 2000
Jari Koivisto Finland Host 2001
Stanislaw Waligorsky Poland Elected Member
Mohammad Ghodsi Iran Elected Member
Donald Piele USA Elected Member


1. Welcome Lionel Hartman welcomed delegates to IOI’98 and expressed best wishes for Portugal sponsorship.


2. Apologies of Tom Verhoeff were presented.


3. Minutes of previous meeting held in Convento da Arrábida in March 1998, were confirmed as correct.


4. Matters arising

4.1 Contact information data base done by Per Stilborg.

4.2 IOI Statistics Stanislaw Waligorsky reported on his research on all IOI’s. He has categorised all medallists, waiting for results from SA and Portugal. All delegation leaders present must be asked to check and verify the names of their medallists. This will be present to General Assembly this year.

4.3 Future competition environments presented by Stanislaw Waligorsky. Required decisions and actions to use next languages in future (Algorithms and Java) and tasks to be carried out. The previous discussion in Cape Town indicates the need to promote nearby the scientific community an open discussion and an external help. It was proposed to implement, during next International Committee intermediate meeting at Turkey, if possible, an ½ day workshop and next IOI’99 1 day workshop, where this subject could be discussed and decisions taken.

Ries Kock and Donald Piele studied the problem and made a proposal: New Environments at IOI which was passed Unanimously.


4.4 IOI research could address the tracing the achievements of the IOI medallists and other subjects of great interest to improve and update future IOI competitions. A deeper discussion on such a research within the IOI was delayed to a next meeting.

4.5 Preparation of problems was one of the major concerns of IC for the success of future IOIs. Recommendations should be proposed for discussion.

4.6 Potential host nation problems Lionel Hartman reported the possibility of a problem with IOI’99, concerning the participation of Cyprus. It was agreed that Turkey would obtain all the relevant documentation to ensure the participation of Cyprus. Bilateral agreements were finalised and signed between the International Committee and the representative of Turkey and between the International Committee and the representative of Cyprus setting out the procedures to be followed in addressing the issue. It was further agreed that where a host nation could not extend an invitation to a participating country, this responsibility will be passed on the International Committee.

Concerning the request from Fyrom to use the name of Macedonia and Chinese Taipei to use the name of Taiwan, both were refused.

4.7 Sponsorship of IOI Secretariat rescheduled for next meeting. The sponsorship by BAAN as not yet been completed and negotiations will go on.

5. Amendments to Rules, Regulations (As circulated)

5.1 The Review and Amendments prepared by Per Stilborg were considered and Ries Kock committed himself to deliver them through the Internet for comment and further submission to General Assembly. All amendments were approved in the General Assembly.

5.2 Membership Procedures – according to IOI rules Mohammad Ghodsi ended his role as elected member. The new elected member by the General Assembly is Great Britain (contact person Antony Rix, email: awr@iee.org). The other two elected members, Stanislaw Waligorsky and Donald Piele, will remain 2 and 1 more year, respectively. Ries Kock finished is role and Korea must inform the International Committee who will be his representative.


6. Report by Portugal – Host of IOI’98 reaffirms that the schedule and activities remain according the proposal presented to the International Committee in March.


7. Report by future Host Nations

7.1 Turkey as presented the program for IOI’99. It will be held in the 1st week of October (correct data must be formalised till the end of the year) in Antalya Belek, which will held the 2nd Turkish International airport on time. The International Committee meeting must be held in first week of April. The charges will remain about 800 $USA / person. Turkey made an approach to the kind of problems they are preparing for the IOI’99

7.2 China has presented the preliminary program.

7.3 Finland has presented the preliminary program


8. New Business

The following countries will hold futures IOI:

Finland – 2001

Korea – 2002

USA – 2003

Candidate countries are:

Greece (2004); Canada; Great Britan; Chinese Taipei (after 2005); Romania (2004 or 2008); Iran; Spain; Poland and Croacia.


9. Date/s and times of next meeting

Next International Committee Meeting will be held in Turkey, expected 1st week of April. Turkey must confirm correct date and place.


10. Closure

There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting formally closed.




New Environments at IOI


It is accepted without question that the hardware used at the IOI evolves automatically each year to keep pace with the current technology of the day. It is understandably a much more difficult, and non-automatic tack, to keep the IOI current with new software environments and corresponding changes they would enable for new programming tasks.

The objective of this proposal is to set in place a mechanism by which new environments (new compilers, new languages, and new kinds of programming tasks) can be examined, tested and introduced into the IOI.

Esatablish within the IOI a New Environments Committee (NEC) and give it the mandate to, "Examine new environments, new languages, and new kinds of programming tasks to be used in future IOI competitions."

1. This NEC will work throughout the year and be given time and resources to carry out its mandate.
2. The NEC will propose and/or conduct train runs (i.e., programming competitions) to test out their recommendations.
3. The NEC will be assisted by interested countries in conducting trial runs of the new environments.
4. The NEC is conjunction with the countries conducting smaple programming competitions in the new environments will report their findings first to the International Committee and, if accepted, to the General Assembly

Implicit in the creation of the NEC by the IC is a desire to look for new ways to improve the IOI and keep it vibrant, exciting, and relevant in a ever-changing world of software and hardware environments.

In one respect, the IOI is very fortunate to be conducting a competition that can change and evolve rather than be set in stone. The NEC will insure that we take full advantage of our good fortune.

Proposed Members
In the beginning, the NEC should be a relatively small group of people who have technical expertise in many environments and an interest in serving on a group or examining, testing, and proposing new ones. When this committee is ready for testing, it may be advisable to expand this committee to include IOI members who can aid in the management and testing of the trial competitions in various countries.

First NEC committee members:
Zida Du, China
Richard Forster, United Kingdom
Rob Kolstad, USA
Jyrki Nummenmaa, Finland
Tom Verhoff, Netherlands