Minutes of IC Meetings held at the offices of the China Computer Federation from 23 to 26 April 2000

Minutes of meetings held on 23, 24 , 25 & 26 April 2000

Present: Dr Gokturk Ucoluk (Chairman) - Turkey - Chairman IOI 99

Dr Antonio Caleco ( Portugal) - Host IOI 98

Dr Richard Forster (Great Britain) - Elected Member

Mr Lionel Hartmann (South Africa) - Chairman IOI97

Prof Ha-Jine Kimn (Korea) - Chairman IOI 2002

Mr Jari Koivisto (Finland) - Chairman IOI 2001

Prof. Halit Oguztuzun (Turkey)

Dr Donald Piele (United States) - Chairman IOI 2003(joined meeting on 25 April)

Prof Stanislaw Waligorski (Poland) - Elected member

Mr Zide Du (China) - Chairman IOI 2000


Dr Tom Verhoeff, International Secretariat

Dr Vladimir Kiryukhin (Russia) - Elected member


No observers present

1. Welcome

The Chairman welcomed all the delegates to this meeting of the IC committee and looked forward to fruitful discussions over the next few days. Donald Piele would be arriving later, but no confirmation of arrival details received from Vladimir Kiryukhin

2. Minutes of the IC meetings of held in Antalya, Portugal

The minutes of the meetings of the International Committee held in Antalya were not received by Gokturk Ucoluk despite many attempts. Richard Forster has his notes and the Secretariat of IOI 99 has some minutes. It was agreed that Gokturk and Richard would meet and compile a document which would be considered and approved during the next meeting of IC on 24 April 2000.

The above combined minutes of the meetings in Antalya were read to the meeting by Richard Forster and approved by the committee. All issues arising from this document had been picked up and covered by IC.

3. Report by Chairman

Gokturk advised that the Final report of IOI 99 will be available for distribution at IOI 2000. Turkish TV had

filmed extensive footage of the Olympiad and a condensed version (40 mins) would be captured on a

multimedia CD for distribution.


4. Matters arising

In the absence of minutes the following matters which had arisen since IOI 99 were discussed:

4.1 Greece had accepted an invitation to host IOI 2004 and IC approved this.

4.2 Tom Verhoeff has requested that the International Scientific Committee (ISC) be invited to attend IOI and

to address General Assembly to discuss the recommendations of ISC. Action ISC

4.3.The ISC would be meeting with the organising committee of IOI 2000 in Beijing at the end of July.

The ISC guidelines document would be studied by the members of IC and inputs made during the current meetings. It was recommended that the ISC formulate specific proposals for incorporation in the Statutes and Regulations of IOI. These were to be submitted to the IC for consideration and recommendation to GA in Beijing. Action ISC

4.4 Greece requested changes to the competition by reducing the number of tasks from 3 to 2 per day and reducing

time available from 5 to 4 hours. Referred to ISC Action ISC

4.5 It was felt that a need existed to re-look at the definition of observers. There could be more than one category

of observer.

4.6 After discussion it was agreed that host countries be allowed to determine the level of registration fee as well

as decide on what basis guests are invited. An appeal would be made to future hosts to keep registration fees

as low as possible.

4.7 Richard Forster reported that Rob Kolstad had developed a very effective evaluation system which was

demonstrated to IC members. Information can be accessed at http://ace.delos.com/usacogate

5. Reports by future host nations

5.1 Prof Ha- Jine Kimn of Korea presented his country's plans for IOI 2002 in Korea. This IOI will take place from mid to end August 2002 at the Kyung Hee University in Kyonggi-do. The Olympiad has support from Government and a target of 80/90 countries is being aimed for.

5.2 Jari Koivisto of Finland made a detailed presentation using overhead slides (copies given to members of IC).

Dates of IOI: 14 - 21 July 2001 Venue: Tampere Hall, Tampere

IC Meeting: End of January 2001.

IC expressed it's satisfaction with plans thus far.

5.3 Zide Du of China introduced his team to the committee and after brief introductory remarks, each member presented their plans to IC. A detailed project plan was handed out to each member. Several suggestions and recommendations were made by IC members and these were noted by the Organising Committee. IC would discuss the plans after completion of the site inspection. Copies of the detailed project plan to be sent to those members who were unable to attend the meeting. Action Zide Du

China were thanked for their outstanding hosting of the IC meetings and functions. The committee

requested China to give serious consideration to the following issues which had arisen out of the site inspections:

Action Zide Du

    1. Poland indicated that they may be prepared to host IOI 2005. They were requested to prepare a letter of intent

for submission to General Assembly. Action Stanislaw Waligorski

6. Office of Secretary General

Lionel Hartmann introduced a preliminary discussion on his report which was tabled. This matter would be discussed further once Donald Piele was present. The following issues were approved by IC:

That a minimum registration fee of $500,00 per participating country would be levied with effect from IOI 2000. Countries who were able and willing to would be encouraged to pay more. Countries classified as Developing or Underdeveloped by the United Nations could apply for a reduction or waiver of the above fees. Motivations for consideration of such reduction or waiver are to be submitted directly by mail or E-mail to the Chairman of IC. Action Zide Du

A detailed and in depth discussion took place on the recommendations included in the report on the office of the Secretary General. It was agreed that in addition to the administrative functions detailed in the report, one of the initial tasks of the incumbent would be the raising of funds to finance the activities of IC and supporting bodies of IOI. In future there could also be a requirement to raise funds to assist a future host country. It was agreed that where a host country wished to utilise the skills of the incumbent to raise funds, this could be arranged on an individual basis.

Expenditure for normal day to day expenses would be the prerogative of the incumbent, but all expenditure outside of that would be subject to approval by any 2 (Two) of the following:

Chairman of IC (Gokturk Ucoluk)

Elected member of IC (Richard Forster) and

Current host (Zide Du)

Approval for such expenditure would be motivated and submitted to the relevant partners, as above, by E-mail. Electronic confirmation would be taken as approval.

It was also agreed that the title for this function would be EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR. All other functions and duties would remain as set out in the proposal.

It was proposed by Gokturk Ucoluk, seconded by Donald Piele and unanimously accepted by all members of the International Committee that Lionel Hartmann be appointed to the position of Executive Director of IOI.

This decision to be ratified at General Assembly in Beijing. Action Gokturk Ucoluk

7. General

    1. Discussion took place on the research done by Stanislaw Waligorski on previous medallists. It was agreed that names of Team leaders, Deputy Team leaders and Observers (where available) and all participants would also be shown. Those who had not received medals would not have their results/scores shown.
    2. Problems in obtaining correct and accurate data are still being resolved in co-operation with past IOI hosts and Team leaders. Action Stanislaw Waligorski

    3. Discussion also took place on the issue of publishing the solutions of previous winners. It was agreed that
    4. Lionel Hartmann would attempt to put together some wording to cover the cession by contestants of their rights on Intellectual property. Action Lionel Hartmann

    5. It was agreed that one of the functions of the proposed Executive Director (ED) would be to draw up guidelines to assist new countries to organise their own Olympiads with the view to eventual participation in IOI.
    6. Action Executive Director

    7. It was also agreed that the proposed ED would establish links with, particularly, IMO to expand the level of participation in IOI. Countries identified as key targets were Japan, Norway and New Zealand.
    8. Action Executive Director

    9. In depth discussion took place on the draft proposals submitted by the ISC in respect of guidelines for IOI

Competitions. It was felt that it was a very valuable document, but that in some instances it was too prescriptive. The perception could be created that the guidelines were obligatory and became regulations. The inclusion of the issue surrounding Heuristics was a major objection amongst members of IC. It was agreed that the document formed a very good basis for further discussion and that time will be set aside at IOI 2000 to go into it in greater detail. Action Zide Du

7.6 Gokturk Oculok led a discussion on the classification of participants at IOI and highlighted the problems

confronting host countries. The proliferation of individuals who could attend IOI at the expense of a host

country had grown and some clarity was required.

It was agreed that a Task Team consisting of Gokturk Oculok, Stanislaw Waligorski and Zide Du would

look at the problem and submit a proposal at the next meeting of IC in Beijing in September 2000.

8.0 New Business

Donald Piele took the committee through a presentation prepared by Rob Kolstad on new IOI competitions and the

Grading system. The committee were most appreciative of this input and agreed that an informal workshop would be

Set up during IOI 2000 to enable this information to be shared with all interested parties. Action Zide Du

  1. Closure

Zide Du introduced the committee to Xia Wu who was responsible for all the Secretarial arrangements for this meeting and expressed his appreciation for her efforts. This was endorsed by members of IC.

Members expressed their thanks and appreciation to Chairman Gokturk Ocoluk for his effective running of the meeting.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 10h15 on 26 April 2000. The next meetings will take place during IOI 2000 in September.