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The 9th International Olympiad in Informatics

Cape Town, South Africa, November 30 - December 7, 1997

President: Lionel Hartmann. 63 countries participated.
Invitation to IOI'97
This invitation to come to IOI'97 in South Africa was taken from the 8th IOI'96 Newsletter (Last day, August 1, 1996).
WWW Home Page was at http://www.oldmutual.com/ioi97/ (and before that at http://www.cs.uct.ac.za/IOI/)
This is the official WWW Home Page for IOI'97.
The Competition
The competition material of IOI'97 (tasks, test data, support programs, solutions, etc.).
The Results
The list of all medallists.
Future World: Educating for the 21st Century (local copy)
Future World is the three-day conference and exhibition at IOI'97, organized by Strategic Business Services (SBS) Conferences, the University of Cape Town, and the IOI'97 team.
Selected contributions to Future World:
The following questionnaire was distributed among delegations at IOI'97. The results will be presented to the IC. The bare counts are available as well.
Swiss IOI'97 Home Page
A set of pages about IOI'97 maintained by Arsène von Wyss (avonwyss@beaulieu-software.ch).
French IOI'97 Web Site (in English and French)
A set of pages about IOI'97 maintained by Christophe Porteneuve (porten_c@epita.fr).
Some pictures from IOI'97
Pictures taken by Tom Verhoeff at IOI'97 with a Ricoh digital camera (RDC-2).
Reactions from delegations

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