Minutes of the meetings of the International Committee of IOI held in Room 3051, Beijing International Convention Centre, Beijing on 25, 26 and 27 September 2000

Present: Dr Gokturk Ucoluk (Chairman) – Turkey – Chairman IOI 99

Dr Antonio Caleco (Portugal) – Chairman IOI 98

Mr Lionel Hartmann (South Africa) – Chairman IOI 97

Mr Jari Koivisto (Finland) – Chairman IOI 2001

Prof Ha-Jine Kimn (Korea) – Chairman IOI 2002

Dr Donald Piele (USA) – Chairman IOI 2003

Prof Stanislaw Waligorski (Poland) – Elected member (1998/1999/2000)

Dr Richard Forster (Great Britain) – Elected member (1999/2000/2001)

Dr Vladimir Kiryukhin (Russia) - Elected member (2000/2001/2002)

Zide Du (China)

By Invitation: Tom Verhoeff (Chairman,ISC) 26 September only

Peter Waker (IFIP) 26 and 27 September

Observers: Mr Ivo Separovic, Croatia – 26 September only

Delegation from Finland – 26 September only

  1. Welcome

The Chairman extended a welcome to all present, in particular to Vladimir Kiryukhin who was attending the IC meeting for the first time.

2. Apologies

No Apologies for absence were received.

3. Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meetings held in Beijing from 23 to 25 April 2000 had been circulated by E-mail to all members prior to this meeting. There was a correction to the spelling of the Chairman’s name.

IC also rescinded it’s previous decision regarding the Registration Fees and confirmed that these were fixed at $200.

The minutes, as amended, were accepted as a true and accurate record of proceedings and approved unanimously.

4. Report by Chairman – IOI 99

Gokturk Ucoluk reported that all outstanding items from IOI 99 had been finalised. He

also advised members that a copy of a CD Rom capturing the highlights of IOI 99 would be

made available to all countries and IC members. This would serve as a report of IOI 99.

Copies of the CD would be handed to Tom Verhoeff for incorporation in the records of IOI.

  1. Matters arising from previous minutes
    1. Action plans of IOI 2000 to IC members not at April meeting Zide Du
    2. In the absence of Zide Du it was established that the documents had been received by Vladimir Kiryukhin.

    3. Registration fees Lionel Hartmann
    4. A listing showing which countries had paid $200 was awaited from the IOI 2000 Secretariat and would be tabled as soon as it was received. Lionel would formulate a new proposal for the payment and collection of registration fees for consideration. It was noted that in Finland the payment by Credit Card would not be possible. Cash, Travellers cheques, Bank cheque or Bank transfer would be in order.

    5. Research on previous medallists Stanislaw Waligorski
    6. Stanislaw has established a complete database of previous medallists up to and including IOI99. It was agreed that this data would be put on to a Web page under the control of Stanislaw and once IC were happy with the format and content it would be made available via the International Secretariat.

    7. Cession of intellectual property rights Lionel Hartmann
    8. Lionel reported on discussions with legal experts on this matter. The following wording, which would be included in the Registration form, was suggested by them:

      "By entering or participating in the International Olympiad in Informatics, the contestant consents to the use and publication of the solutions produced by the contestant." Lionel would prepare a suitable resolution for discussion and approval by General Assembly.

      A copy of the wording would also be sent to Finland for legal consideration. Executive Director



    9. Classification of participants at IOI Gokturk Ucoluk

    Gokturk was still working on this and it would be held over until a later IC meeting. This document was tabled at a subsequent meeting and after discussion and amendments it was referred back for further consideration and tabling at the IC meeting in Finland (January 2001)

  2. Report by Executive Director

6.1 Guidelines to assist new countries

Lionel Hartmann confirmed that this item would be included in the plan of action for the year ahead. It was subject to availability of funds, but the basic information would be researched and put into a draft document.

6.2 Establishment of links with IMO and other organisations.

Lionel confirmed that he had opened lines of communication with Prof John Webb from the University of Cape Town (IMO) and would follow up on his return after this IOI.

6.3 Office of the Executive Director

The Board of Directors of the International Committee of IOI resolve that a Banking account in the name of the International Olympiad in Informatics be opened with Nedbank, Cape Town, South Africa and that the Executive director of IOI be authorised to act as sole signatory on this account. The relevant documentation to give effect to this to be signed by the Chairman (Zide Du), next host Chairman (Jari Koivisto) and one elected member (Richard Forster) of IC.

A document was tabled by the Executive Director setting out the basis for the operation of this position. The document was discussed by IC members and with one amendment was approved. The Chairman was authorised to sign on behalf of IC.

Discussion also took place on the issue of Fundraising for IOI. The ED would prepare a Fundraising plan and submit it to IC for approval. It was agreed that there would be no sponsors from either the Tobacco or Alcohol industries. Approaches would be made to International organisations of credibility only. All approaches would be in consultation with future hosts. Also recommended that sponsors be secured for a period of 3 years at a time.

7. Amendments to Statutes, Rules and Regulations Lionel Hartmann

All amendments approved in Portugal (1998) and Turkey(1999) had been incorporated. The finalised documents had been sent through to the International Secretariat as well as being circulated to members of IC. Lionel recorded his appreciation and thanks to Per Stilborg who had assisted in finalising this matter. This was noted with thanks by members of the IC.

Clarification was obtained on some issues that were not included in the amended document.

It was decided to table the document at General Assembly for final approval. Copies to be prepared and distributed by the organising committee.

Lionel confirmed that the document detailing the changes to the Regulations arising out of the establishment of the OED, had been circulated to members of GA. Members of the committee made no changes to this document and it would be discussed at GA.

It was agreed that Peter Waker and Richard Forster would rephrase the entire clause S5 of the Regulations and submit it to GA for consideration.

  1. Report by future hosts
  2. 8.1 As current hosts and in view of the activities imposed on the Organising Committee it was agreed that no report was required from China.

    8.2 Finland. Jari Koivisto introduced a team consisting of Government Representatives, Local authorities,Sponsors and representatives of the Organising team for IOI 01. (Refer attached list)

    The various presentations confirmed the commitment and support of the authorities for IOI 01. Dr Jyrkki Nummenmaa set out the main features and innovations planned for next year. Two specific innovations would be the decision to introduce a practice competition and to switch to Linux operating systems.

    8.3 Korea. Dr Ha-Jine Kimn handed out a very attractive brochure promoting IOI 2002 which is to be held at the Kyung Hee University, Yongin from 18 August to 25 August 2002. He outlined some of the plans contemplated by the organisers of this IOI.

    8.4 U.S.A. Dr Donald Piele took members through a visual display of the facilities available at the University of Wisconsin Parkside which would be the venue for this IOI.

  3. Future candidate hosts

9.1 The committee once again confirmed that Greece would be the hosts for IOI 2004. A

representative of Greece would join the IC from January 2001.

9.2 The Executive Director confirmed that he had received Letters of Intent from Croatia and

Poland as potential hosts for IOI 2005. It was agreed that as these both fell outside the

maximum period stipulated in the Regulations, they could be considered only next year.

The representatives of these potential hosts were advised accordingly.

    1. There were several countries who had indicated that they may consider hosting future IOI’s, but no firm commitments were received.

There appeared to be some difficulties regarding the current wording in respect of future candidate hosts in the Regulations and Peter Waker and Richard Forster were asked to look at re-phrasing the entire Clause 5 to clear up any confusion. These were to be tabled at GA for approval.

  1. Report by the International Scientific Committee

Dr Tom Verhoeff delivered a verbal report on the activitioes of the ISC. After discussion it was agreed that:

Suggestions were made of possible questions to be included in the questionnaire.

There was also a need to identify a suitable replacement for Mohammad Ghodsi who was coming off the ISC this year. It was agreed that nominations will be called for and a new representative elected by GA.

  1. General

11.1 The Executive Director reported that 61 countries at this year’s IOI had paid the $200 registration fee. Only 8 had not been able to do so. Problems had been experienced with the collection of these fees as countries had not been warned that payment had to be in Dollars and in cash only. It was agreed that the ED would prepare guidelines in consultation with Finland to streamline the process.

A report by the Executive Director, together with a proposed budget, would be tabled at GA.

It was also agreed that a proposal to raise the Registration fee to $300 (with a waiver or reduction option) for next year would be placed before GA for approval.

    1. Peter Waker reported on the activities of IFIP. Agreed that Rob Kolstad be approached to deliver a paper at the IFIP Congress scheduled for July 2001. The address lists of IFIP could be used to source potential new countries for participation in IOI. Peter also mentioned that it was not necessary for IOI host countries to feel obliged to use him to hand over the IFIP trophy to the overall winner.

  1. General.

The Chairman noted that this was the last meeting being attended by Stanislaw Waligorski and Lionel Hartmann. He thanked Stanislaw for a wonderful contribution made during his years on IC and at IOI’s and was sure we would still maintain a link with him in the future. Lionel comes off IC as the Chairman of a previous Host country but remains in his new capacity as Executive Director and Gokturk expressed his and the committee’s appreciation for the contribution made over the previous period. He felt sure that the value of Lionel’s experience will be seen in his new capacity.

A new elected member to replace Stanislaw needed to be identified and approved by GA. Richard Forster felt that the process of nominating and electing IC members needed to be streamlined. It was agreed that the Executive Director would prepare a proposal for this process for consideration and approval at the IC meeting in January 2001.

9. Closure

The Chairman confirmed that the next meeting of IC would take place in Finland from 27 January to 31st January 2001.There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed.