Members of IC and General Assembly expressed unhappiness with the current procedures in respect of the Election of members to serve on the International Committee. The current process is normally a rushed and last minute affair with a scramble for suitable candidates.

I, therefore, propose the following process for consideration and approval by IC:


In an effort to draw the most representative group of candidates we should advise all known participating countries that individuals names are to be submitted to the Executive Director of IOI by not later than 30 days before the IOI. The notification should indicate the responsibilities and duties of IC members.

All nominations received are to be circulated to participating countries at least 14 days before IOI.

IC is to identify and set up a Committee who will act as scrutineers of the election. These persons need to be identified before IOI and approved by the first GA.


The names of all candidates received should be made known at the first General Assembly meeting at IOI and provision made for a formal election on the Agenda for a subsequent meeting of GA.

The Chairman of IC will call for further nominations. Should there be a need for an election, the Executive Director/Organising Committee must prepare ballot papers reflecting the names of all candidates, listed in alphabetical order.

The Chairman of IC should establish exactly what the voting strength is before the voting slips are handed out by the scrutineers. The numbers of voting slips handed out and returned should tally with the number of countries present in the GA at that stage and eligible to vote

Voting will take the following form:


N.B. It is important to note that IC recommends that in future the Elected member will be a specific individual and not a representative of a country.

The proposal, as amended, is to be circulated to all participating countries for their approval.




Lionel Hartmann

Executive Director of IOI