Minutes of IC Meetings held at Tampere Hall, from 15 to 20 July 2001

Present: Zide Du (Chairman) - Chairman IOI 2000, China

Gokturk Ucoluk - Turkey - Chairman IOI 99

Antonio Caleco ( Portugal) - Host IOI 98

Jari Koivisto (Finland) - Chairman IOI 2001

Ha-Jine Kimn (Korea) - Chairman IOI 2002

Donald Piele (United States) - Chairman IOI 2003

Spyros Bakoyiannis (Greece) Chairman IOI 2004

Richard Forster (Great Britain) - Elected Member 1999/2000//2001

Vladimir Kiryukhin (Russia) - Elected member 2000/2001/2002

Krassimir Manev (Bulgaria) Elected Member2001/2002/2003

Lionel Hartmann - Executive Director

Observers: Peter Waker (IFIP) in attendance 17 July.

Tom Verhoeff (ISC) in attendance 20 July

1. Welcome

The Chairman welcomed all the delegates to this meeting of the IC committee and looked forward to fruitful discussionsduring the meetings at this IOI. He extended a special welcome to Spyros Bakoyiannis from Greece who was attending for the first time.

2.0 Apologies

All members of IC were present.

3.0.Confirmation of Minutes of the IC meetings of held in Tampere, Finland

The minutes of the meetings of the International Committee held in Tampere, Finland in January 2001 were distributed to all members. They were accepted as true and correct. Proposed by Vladimir Kiryukhin Seconded by Jari Koivisto and accepted unanimously.

4.0 Matters arising

4.1 ED Lionel Hartmann tabled an E-mail from Stanislaw Waligorski regarding the latest position in respect of the research project on previous medallists. The committee discussed the document and it was agreed that Stanislaw would be asked to make a presentation to IC. This was done and it was agreed that there would be a link to the IS site to enable relevant information to be accessed. Stanislaw confirmed that the information was available on a web site

4.2 ED Lionel reported that he was not able to find anyone who could give a conclusive finding on the issue of Intellectual property rights. The experience of IMO has been that they have published solutions for some time and never had a problem. It was agreed that this issue had been extensively discussed and it would be dropped until a solution could be found.


4.3 Gokturk reported on the classification of participants. ED Lionel tabled a tabulation he had prepared showing the effects of the classifications. It was agreed that all the inputs would be collated by Richard as part of the rewriting of the Statutes. Action - Richard Forster

4.4 Richard reported on the latest position regarding clause S5. His comments were amalgamated with the issues in 4.8 and treated as one. Richard tabled an extensive document setting out the complete review of the statutes etc. It was agreed that an entire session of an IC meeting would be allocated to this matter. Meetings would be held during this IOI and all the proposed amendments would, if possible, tabled at GA or be distributed in due course. Action - Richard Forster

4.5 Zide Du reported that the final report on IOI 2000 was now available on a CD ROM and would be distributed.

4.6 The participation of Leopold Ports was finalised and reported on at the January meeting.

4.7 Lionel reported that he had spoken to Peter Waker about the IFIP trophy and conveyed the views of IC to him. Peter feels that as the trophy was presented and accepted by GA he would like GA to make the decision. There was no possibility of IFIP being able to contribute sponsorship funding.

5.0 Nominations for IC and ISC

ED Lionel reported that the following nominations had been received for IC:

Clara Ionescu

Mario Cruz

Richard Forster

They had all been proposed and seconded and were eligible for election. There was no need to call for further nominations as the deadline (30 days before IOI) had elapsed, but as this was the first year additional nominations were called for at the GA held the night before.

Clara Ionescu and Djura Paunic of Yugoslavia had been nominated and seconded as candidates for ISC.

It was agreed that each of the candidates would be given 2 minutes to address GA on 18July 2001.

6.0 Report by Chairman

Chairman Zide Du delivered his report and appealed to members to assist in moving IOI forward. He proposed that a Task team be set up to discuss fundraising and marketing at a venue away from IOI. Donald Piele agreed to host a meeting of this nature in the USA. Lionel to prepare a list of people to make up this group and to table it at IC before the end of this IOI. If possible, we should involve a company who is involved in business planning to attend and facilitate a meeting of this nature. This proposal was approved.

Action - Lionel Hartmann

Zide further proposed that we look at ways to increase the visibility and profile of IOI. It was agreed that he would prepare and submit a written proposal for consideration by IC. This proposal could also be submitted to the ISC for consideration. Action - Zide Du

The Executive Director was asked to recuse himself from the meeting. In his absence a proposal to fix the annual ED fees at USD 7200 ( USD 600 p.m.) was approved.

7.0 Report by the Executive Director

Lionel tabled his written report for the period ended 30 June 2001 and highlighted some of the issues. The following items were approved:

The activity report,

The budget as amended (reflecting an increased allocation to the IC/ ISC fund)

The audited Financial Statements.signed by the Chairman

The above would all be copied and distributed to GA

It was agreed that the Fundraising initiative be continued and also that the Registration fee of $300 be maintained for the year ahead.

8.0 Report by current host

Jari Koivisto, Chairman of IOI 2001 delivered his report on arrangements for the Olympiad. He confirmed that at this stage things were going smoothly. There has been a great deal of interest from the media.

9.0 Reports by future host nations

9.1.Prof Ha- Jine Kimn of Korea..together with his team presented his.country's plans for IOI 2002.

IOI will take place from 18 to 25 August 2002 at the Kyung Hee University in Yong In. The Olympiad

has support from Government and a target of 80 countries is being aimed for. One of the innovations

being planned was a lecture by a prominent individual in the IT world.

IC meeting scheduled for 17 February to 21 February 2002

9.2 Donald Piele, Chairman of IOI 2003 delivered a presentation on the plans for IOI2003. The Olympiad would take place at the University of Wisconsin Parkside from 16 to 23 August 2003. It was agreed that the IC meeting would take place during the month of March 2003

9.3 Spyros Bakoyiannis, Chairman of IOI2004 presented a brief outline of plans for IOI2004 in Athens. The Olympiad would take place in Athens after the Olympic Games and before the Special Olympics. The facilities of the Olympic Games will be used for the IOI.

10.0 Future candidate hosts

Proposals had been received from Poland and Croatia. The documents were tabled and after discussion it was agreed to award the organisation of IOI 2005 to Poland. It was agreed that the Chairman would announce the decision at the final GA meeting on Thursday 19 July and that he would meet with both countries just before the meeting to advise them of the decision. Action - Zide Du

11.0 Amendments to the Rules and Regulations

Richard Forster took the meeting through a wide range of changes to the Rules of IOI. It was agreed that once all the inputs have been received the amended document would be placed on the web site and members of GA advised to comment. The final document would be considered by IC at its meeting in Korea in February 2002. Richard would report briefly to GA. Members of IC then discussed and agreed on a series of changes and amendments. Action - Richard Forster


12.0 Report of the ISC

Chairman Tom Vehoeff delivered his report on the functioning of the ISC during the period since the previous IOI. He distributed a copy of a report prepared after the ISC meetings in May 2001. IC expressed concern over the need for an evaluation system that would be open and available for use by local, national and international Olympiads. No final decision was taken on this issue.

13. General

13.1 The research information required by Dana Mackenzie was discussed and ED Lionel was requested to.respond with the inputs of IC members.

13.2 IC approved that the new signatories on the IOI banking account would be replaced by Jari Koivisto, Zide Du, Ha-Jine Kimn, Lionel Hartmann and Vladimir Kiryukhin. All other arrangements will remain as before.

13.3 IC approved that invitations would be extended to the following to attend a fundraising meeting in the United States during mid October 2001:

Kim Schrijvers, Wolfgang Pohl, Donald Piele, Zide Du, Ha-Jine Kimn and Rob Kolstad. It was noted that no funds exist for travel and accommodation. the University of Wisconsin Parkside would provide the meeting facilities. They would also invite experts to assist with the formulation of a proposal.

Action - Donald Piele/ Lionel Hartmann

14. Date and time for next meetings

The next IC meetings would take place in Korea from 17 February to 21 February 2002


Zide Du expressed his thanks to members for all their inputs. He also welcome the newly elected member of IC Mario Cruz who would serve on IC for 2002/03/04

This was the last meeting for Antonio Caleco (IOI 1998) and he was thanked for his input over the years. Richard Forster was also at the end of his 3 year term as an elected member and he was thanked for the contribution he had made over that period

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting.