New at the IOI Secretariat

14 October 2000
Updated the IOI SC page.
Copied the tasks for IOI'89 through IOI'93 from the ftp server to the http server (some people had difficulties accessing our ftp server).

7 September 2000
Added the IOI Regulations as approved at IOI'98 and IOI'99. Reorganized the collection of past and current IOI Regulations.

Expanded the Guidelines for IOI Participants.

Did many small things, for which I did not have the time to summarize them here (such as pages for the IOI Scientific Committee and IOI Software Team).

22 December 1999
Upgraded books search facilities on pages with recommended literature for self-study.

NOTE: Most of the changes I make are small, and are no longer announced here.
Instead, there is a table with announcements on the home page. (E.g. about the IOI2000 web site.)

23 November 1998
Updated information about IOI'99 in Turkey.

Added a ``button bar'' [ IOI: ... ] on IOI home page with direct links to important IOI information.

Updated the member list of the International Committee for the IOI.

14 July 1998
Made numerous small changes, such as new recommendations on the books pages, and the IOI'97 contest material (much of it, but not all).

Added a banner on the home page to my experiment with an applet (Java 1.1) that animates a reactive IOI programming task. The applet is certainly not finished, but it performs adequately to help investigate and understand this problem.

17 February 1998
Did some maintenance on the IOI Secretariat web site over the last month. Consequently some files have been moved. The stable entry points are Background color has been explicitly set to white on many pages.
Shortcuts added for each IOI'yy on the IOI Secretariat's Home Page.
Information about Mathematics&Informatics Quarterly updated.
The issue of mirroring the IOI Secretariat has been brought up at the GA and IC meetings in Cape Town (Dec. 1997). Eventually this will be necessary. No immediate steps have been taken. In the mean time, a Taiwan-based mirror has appeared.

22 December 1997
Because of reliability problems with our regular WWW server, I have made a copy of all olympiad material to a new server named It is recommended that you change your URLs for olympiad material to The information at the new location will eventually be restructured to take advantage of having a server dedicated to olympiad material. Currently, however, it will remain as it was. The old server will remain in operation, but may not be reachable from time to time. When the olympiad material disappears from the old server, it will have a page that redirects you to the new location.

10 December 1997

24 November 1997
Some of the recent changes are the following.

6 October 1997
Started a new IOI mailing list to replace the old IOI mailing list located in Hungary <>, which has been out of order for some time now. All subscribers that could be traced for the old mailing list, have been subscribed to the new list today (and they should receive a welcome message by e-mail).

E-mail addresses that resulted in error messages during the subscription procedure have subsequently be unsubscribed.

To find out whether you are subscribed to the new IOI mailing list you can send the following message to <>:

which <e-mail address>

Posting to the new IOI mailing list is not possible until the resubscription procedure has been completed. Availability of the list for posting will be announced at the IOI mailing list page.

20 August 1997
Added/reconfirmed links for IPhO 1998 (Iceland), IChO 1998 (Australia), and IBO 1998 (Germany). Updated the information on the second IAO.

13 August 1997
Added a link on the IBO page to the IBO web site with all kinds of information about the IBO, including guidelines and a topic list for the IBO competition tasks.

4 August 1997
Added a page (and subdirectory) for the International Astronomy Olympiad (IAO).

30 July 1997
Made many small changes and additions to the IMO page, introducing subdirectories for IMOs from 1993 to 1997. The IMO 1997 problems and results are now available.

Changed the way that the "NEWS button" on the home page is linked to the file with changes. The change log is (still) in a file named changes.html, but there is now a (UNIX) link (also known as an alias) of the form dd-mm-yy.html to this same file. This alias is used on the home page to link to the change log. In that way, whenever the change log is updated, the link to it will change, and when you access the home page, the link will be marked unvisited if you have not seen the most recent changes.

Added minutes for the 13th and 14th meetings of the International Committe of the IOI.

29 July 1997
The material of the 15th meeting of the International Committee of the IOI (March 1997, Cape Town) is now available on-line.

28 July 1997
EnReach Technology, Inc., (formerly Talent Communications, Inc.) continues to sponsor the IOI Secretariat. They provide a license for I-View Pro.
Change of internal structure: Introduced a subdirectory ic for the International Committee of the IOI. The file ic.html is now available as ic/index.html; the old file name will remain available (at least for some time).
Established a mailing list for the International Committee.

3 July 1997
The IOI Mailing List is currently out of order, due to a crashed disk at (also see 20 May 1997). I am investigating what can be done about this, but without succes so far. If you have more information, please let me know.

12 May 1997
Added a link to the Latvian Olympiad in Informatics on the national olympiads in informatics page.

20 May 1997 has a crashed disk and the contest archive is no longer accessible. Arsène von Wyss has set up a mirror page for the Programming Contests Archive to alleviate this problem somewhat.

24 March 1997
The URL of the IOI Secretariat has changed from to
(i.e., `win' has been removed). For the time being our server will automatically translate requests for the old URL into the new URL. I suggest, however, that you update any hyperlinks aimed at the IOI Secretariat to use the new URL.

6 Feburary 1997
I have set up the olympiads mailing list for the International Science Olympiads.

29 January 1997
The IOI'97 organization will send out the first IOI'97 Newsletter, containing the official Country Preliminary Registration Form, to the IOI countries before the end of January.

28 January 1997
Vladimir Pertsel has translated into English the problems of the All-Soviet-Union national mathematics competitions (final part), 1961-1986 (big!) and made a compressed archive with all material. Appropriate links have been added to the IMO page (look under Soviet Union).

Vladimir also pointed me to the Saturday Mathematics School (see under Schools on the IMO page).

18 January 1997
Improved the IOI'96 Competition page, in particular, included unzipped test data, and solutions.

10 January 1997
Added the date of the most recent news item to the News button on the home page.

7 January 1997
I have added an overview page for recommended literature, and additional pages for each of the olympic disciplines. Suggestions for additions are welcome.

I have also initiated an association with Books (Earth's Biggest Bookstore). Most of the recommended books are linked to a page at where you can order the book conveniently and quickly through the Internet.

15 December 1996
I have subscribed the IOI home page to NedStat, where they will keep track of access statistics (for free). See the small icon at the bottom of the home page.

22 October 1996
I keep on making small changes, often too small to be mentioned here. I recently added a hyperlink on the journals page to MainFunction, a newletter with a regular Programming Challenge.

Mark Dettinger e-mailed me a solution for an open question related to Problem 3 on Day 1 of IOI'94 (The Primes).

6 August 1996
I have added a page describing the structure of the IOI Secretariat's web files.

I was informed that the IOI'96 web pages (with competition tasks, results, etc.) will be available (again) at URL in one or two weeks.

3 July 1996
I have revamped the page for other informatics competitions. I have also added some references to the books page.

11 June 1996
I have done lots of little things over the last couple of months to improve the IOI Secretariat. It is not worthwhile to document each individual change, but I just wanted to let you know that things do happen. Please inform me if you encounter any problems or omissions.

9 January 1996
Added a reference to the book Being Digital by Nicholas Negroponte to the list of `bedside' informatics literature on the books page for self-study material. The book also provides a digital challenge in the form of a binary puzzle.

5 January 1996
Added a hyperlink for The Elements of Friendly Software Design on the books page for self-study material.

22 December 1995
Added a hyperlink to UNESCO's Directory of Ministries of Education on the Guidelines page.

2 August 1995
Added info on the IFIP TC3 Trophy awarded at the IOI.

31 July 1995
Acknowledged Talent Communications, Inc. (NOW: EnReach Technology, Inc.) as a new SPONSOR for the IOI.
Added a UNESCO page.
Reorganized the sponsors page into a separate subdirecory (changed "sponsors.html" to "sponsors/index.html").
Added a link to the British report on IOI'95 on the IOI'95 page.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Antony Rix from Great Britain, is planning to place many informatics-related questions and documented answers on the WWW pages for the BIO. He will also include some problems that are shorter and less difficult than the IOI itself.

25 July 1995
Added the results for questionaire to IOI'95 competitors.

21 July 1995
Added more info to the IMO page, in particular about national mathematics competitions.
Added a page with General Informatics Links.

19 July 1995
Slightly restructured the home page, renaming `Change Log' to `News'.
Brought IOI'96 to the foreground: IOI'96 has its own WWW pages at URL
Restructured the journals page. Extended the information for the Mathematics and Informatics Quarterly. (I just received my first copy of M&IQ and it looks very nice, though it could do with more informatics material.) Added information on the new journal Info-Star.

17 July 1995
Added a draft version of the following article to the IOI'94 page: Investigation of the Relationship between Program Correctness and Programming Style by Gintautas Grigas of Lithuania.

4 July 1995
Added a sponsors page.

19 June 1995
Added a page with access statistics for the WWW pages of the IOI Secretariat.

14 June 1995
Added a reference to the math competitions archive of Kiran Kedlaya on the IMO page.

6 June 1995
Added information about the American Computer Science League on the page of Other Informatics Competitions.

5 June 1995
Replaced the information about the USACO available via the national olympiads page by a direct link to the USACO Home Page.
Added a link to the archive of 110 training problems (in Spanish) at the server in Argentina on the contents page.

1 June 1995
Added a link to the Final Report for IOI'93.

5 May 1995
Added the programming problems of the preliminary round for ICP 95.

25 Apr 1995
Finished a documented solution for IOI'94:

22 Apr 1995
Added a reference to the book Problems in Programming on the page of recommended literature. This book is interesting both for its IOI-sytle problems (with solutions) and a historic remark in its preface (which is quoted below the reference).

21 Apr 1995
Added an overview page with direct access to the competition tasks of past IOIs.

20 Apr 1995
Completed a documented solution for IOI'94:

14 Apr 1995
Changed home page: Added a "button" linking to the contents page, and a full address.
Added a "bottom line" to all pages including a link to the home page and an e-mail address.
Added pages for other informatics competitions and for the international science olympiads.

13 Apr 1995
Slightly changed the home page by moving some info to the IOI Secretariat page.
Added a journal page. Added some information to the IMO page.

4 Apr 1995
Added a link to the Concours Informatique Luxembourgeois (CIL) on the NOI page.

30 Mar 1995
Added a page for the National Informatics Olympiad in Mexico on the NOI page.

26 Mar 1995
Added some links to the IMO, IPhO, and IChO pages.
Added a documented solution for IOI'94:

22 Mar 1995
Added a link to the British Informatics Olympiad on the NOI page.
Added a link for Introduction to Algorithms (incl. list of errata) on the books page for self-study material.

8 Mar 1995
Added subdirectories for the other science olympiads: imo/, ipho/, icho/, and ibo/. These are referred to from the `history' page.

20 Feb 1995
Added information on meetings of the International Committee.
Finished cleaning up the HTML version of the Final IOI'92 Report. Added a file with just its Table of Contents for quick access.

16 Feb 1995
Added the Final Report on IOI'92 to the IOI ftp directory: The HTML version will be cleaned up in small steps. Thanks go to the organization of the German Informatics-Olympiad, in particular Gabriele Reich, for supplying the source files.

9 Feb 1995
Finished a documented solution for IOI'94:

7, 8, 9 Feb 1995
Made various additions to the recommended literature for self-study

2 Feb 1995
Added subdirectoy study/ with material for self-study. The file ioi/study.html will stay around for a while, but its contents have been split into several files in study/, namely index.html and books.html. More will come. A link in study.html points to the new subdirectory study/.

26 Jan 1995
Added documented solutions for two IOI'94 Problems:

26 Jan 1995
Changed > to &gt; and < to &lt; in several HTML files, in particular the IOI'94 problem statements and my IOI'94 Report. Lynx will not properly display loose > and < in an HTML file.

26 Jan 1995
Split the directory `ioi94/contest/' into subdirectories for each problem. These subdirectories have such names as `day1prb1/'. Each subdirectory contains a file `index.html' that provides pointers to all information concerning that problem. The file describing the IOI'94 Competition has an index at the end linking to the index files of the subdirectories.

26 Jan 1995
Added a Wish List at the top level.

26 Jan 1995
Started maintaining a Change Log (this page) for the IOI Secretariat. The Change Log will report

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