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ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest - ICPC

The ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) is organized annually by ACM. It is a prestigious contest for teams of university students, that started in 1970.

Each team has one computer to solve a bundle of programming problems in five hours. Programs may be submitted during the contest and are evaluated instantly. Erroneous submissions get a penalty, but the team may resubmit adapted programs for the same problem.

Approximately 60 teams compete in the ICPC World Finals, which is typically held late February, March, or early April. In order to earn a spot on the Finals, teams go to regional contests in over 25 regions across the globe. And preceding that there are often local contests to get to the regionals.

Agora Programming Contest - APC

The Agora Programming Contest (APC) is an international competition for high-school and university students. It is organized by the GInfo Editorial Office and the Agora Media Publishing House.

E-Mail Informatics Contest - EIC

The E-Mail Informatics Contest (EIC) is open to all high school and college students with their own e-mail address. The problems must be solved in Pascal or C/C++. The organizers Maria and Adrian Nita are teachers at the "Emanuil Gojdu" High School in Oradea, Romania.

Internet Problem Solving Contest - IPSC

IPSC is an internet competition in programming for teams. Its purpose is to compare problem solving skills of people from around the world and, of course, to have fun. In 2002, more than 400 teams participated, so do not hesitate and join us!

International Competition in Programming - ICP

The ICP is intended for pupils between the ages of 16 and 19 years. The programming languages are Visual Basic, C, C++, Delphi, Pascal, Java under OS Windows (DOS).

The competition is organized by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport of the Czech Republic. It was first organized in 1993.

The closing date for the preliminary round of ICP 2001 is May 15, 2000. The finals take place in October 2001, during the international Invex Computer 2001 fair, Brno, Czech Republic.

Contact information

Stanice Techniku Vysehrad
Vratislavova 15
128 00 PRAHA 2
Czech Republic
Phone: +420-2-2492-0915
E-mail: icp@stv.cz (Jiri Kosek, xkosj06@vse.cz)
WWW: http://www.stv.cz/icp/



American Computer Science League - ACSL

The American Computer Science League (ACSL) is a non-profit organization devoted to computer science education at the secondary school level. ACSL organizes computer science contests for junior and senior high school students in North America (USA and Canada).

Arab Olympiad in Informatics - AOI

The Arab Olympiad in Informatics (AOI) offers students from the Arab countries the chance to compete. The 1st AOI will be organized in Alexandria , Egypt on 1-7 July 2002 by Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport.

Balkan Olympiad on Informatics - BOI

The Balkan Olympiad on Informatics (BOI) is a programming contest for secondary school students of the Balkan countries (Albenia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, FYROM, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Yugoslavia).

[ BOI Archive ]

Baltic Olympiad in Informatics - BOI

The Baltic Olympiad in Informatics (BOI) is modeled after the IOI. Participating countries typically include Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Sweden.

Central-European Olympiad in Informatics - CEOI

The Central-European Olympiad in Informatics (CEOI) is organised by the Ministry of Culture and Education or another appropriate institution of one of the eight Central-European countries. According to the rules accepted by the initiators of CEOI, teams of eight Central-European countries, i.e. Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia, are invited as regular participants. Moreover, the host country may invite guest participants as well.

  1. CEOI2006 in Vrsar, Istra, Croatia (1-8 July 2006).
  2. CEOI2005 in Sárospatak, Hungary (July 28 - August 5, 2005).
  3. CEOI2004 in Rzeszisów, Poland (July 12-18, 2004; including an on-line contest)
  4. CEOI2003 in Münster, Germany (July 5-12, 2003; including an on-line contest)
  5. CEOI2002 in Kosice, Slovakia (June 30-July 6, 2002). On-Line Contest
  6. CEOI2001 in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary (August 10-17, 2001).
  7. CEOI2000 in Cluj, Romania (August 24-31, 2000).
  8. CEOI'99 was held in Brno, Czech Republic (September 2-9, 1999).
  9. CEOI'98 was held in Zadar, Croatia (May 20-27, 1998). There was also an Internet version (Informal CEOI'98).
  10. CEOI'97 was held in Nowy Sacz, Poland (July 17-24, 1997). CEOI Problem Archive
  11. CEOI'96 was held in Bratislava, Slovak Republic (October 9-13, 1996).
  12. CEOI'95 was held in Szeged, Hungary (May 29-June 3, 1995).
    Problem set (in Postscript).
  13. CEOI'94 was held in Cluj, Romania (May 27-31, 1994). [The original site was lost after a disk crash without backups.]
[ Archive of CEOI problems, in Thailand ]

Correspondence Iberoamerican Informatics Competition - CIIC

The Correspondence Iberoamerican Informatics Competition (CIIC for short, both in English and Spanish "Competencia Iberoamericana de Informatica por Correspondencia") is a computer science and computer programming contest for young Iberoamerican students enrolled on pre-universitary schools.

The competition is arranged in such a way that examination takes place within each of the participating countries. There are no travel expenses involved, but there is a small fee for participating.

Participation in the CIIC is by invitation. All states member of the Iberoamerican States Organization (OEI - Organizacion de Estados Iberoamericanos) are permanently invited. Other countries may participate under request. The official languages of the competition are Spanish and Portuguese.

Correspondence Seminar in Programming - CSP [Obsolete? Also see IPSC above]

The CSP, organized by Comenius University at Bratislava (Slovakia), is a competition for secondary school students. Limited participation from outside Slovakia is possible.

Greece/Cyprus Internet Programming Contest

Organized by the Computer Science Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

French-Australian Regional Informatics Olympiad - FARIO

An online competition organised by France-IOI and the Australian Informatics Olympiad Committee.

South East Asian Regional Computer Confederation (SEARCC) Software Competition

To foster the development of computer competence among the young in the region, SEARCC instituted a regional schools' software competition in 1989 which is held annually in conjunction with a SEARCC conference. The competition which is run under international competition rules is opened to students no more than 17 years of age. The competition also provides opportunities for the young people of the region to acquire better understanding of the culture, life-style and aspirations of each other's country, thereby contributing to better understanding and relationship for future generations.

[ Archive of SEARCC problems and solutions, in Thailand ]


Many countries organize a national olympiad in informatics that selects pupils for pariticipation in the IOI. There are also other competitions at a national level.


Some schools pay (extra) attention to informatics competitions:
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