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The International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) is a multinational federation of professional and technical organisations (or national groupings of such organisations) concerned with information processing. From any one country, only one such organisation - which must be representative of the national activities in the field of information processing - can be admitted as a Full Member.

IFIP was founded under the auspices of UNESCO and maintains informal relationships with other members of the UN family.


IFIP's mission is to be the leading, truly international, apolitical organisation which encourages and assists in the development, exploitation, and application of Information Technology for the benefit of all people.

The basic aims of IFIP are:

These are very similar to the aims of the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI).


Technical work, which is the heart of IFIP's activity, is managed by a series of Technical Committees (TC's). TC3 deals with all aspects involving education and informatics.

IFIP, and especially TC3 are very appreciative of what the IOI has done to further informatics in education and international cooperation in this field. Indeed, for most of its existence, IOI meetings have been attended by an IFIP TC3 representative; first Prof. Tom van Weert and later Peter Waker.


To give substance to their appreciation, IFIP made a floating trophy availabe to the IOI, to be awarded as seen fit by the International Jury.

At its meetings in Argentina during IOI '93 the International Jury decided that the trophy should be awarded to the student (or students) with the highest overall score.

The benefit to the winning student is recognition by the international body of professionals in the field of informatics. Being able to say

``I was awarded the IFIP trophy for having the highest score at IOI'nn''
will give this achievement the status it deserves in the eyes of the world's IT professionals.

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