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The International Committee (IC) for the IOI was founded by the assembly of all delegates participating in the first IOI at the 19th of May 1989 in Pravetz, Bulgaria.

Based on a recommendation of the International Jury it was decided that the IC should be comprised of

It should be aimed to: The election procedure for the other members would be:

[The above information is quoted from Chapter 2 of the Final IOI'92 Report.]


The tasks of the IC are defined in the IOI Regulations, Statues, Section S4.1. The main duty of the IC is to supervise the continuity of the IOI by

Member List

As of IOI 2006, the IOI Regulations, Statues, Section S3.4, define the membership of the IC as consisting of: During a one-year transitionary period from 2006 to 2007, the IC will have 6 host members + 4 elected + 1 president + 1 ED.

The current twelve members of the IC are:

Former members of the IC

Mailing List

There is a IOI-IC Mailing List especially for use by the IC itself.

Meetings of the IC

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