International Competition in the Programming ICP 95

Rules, etc.

Announced by:

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic.

Guaranteed by:

The Institute for Children and Youth;
In collaboration with IDG Czechoslovakia;
The Station of Technicians Vysehrad;
Del INFO Ltd.

Conditions for participants:

Problem solution:

Send solutions (for programming problems see below) on diskette with a listing of the source file in writing to the address below. Include your name, address, and date of birth.

The programme of the competition:

The jury will select the twenty best entrants, who will participate in the finals. At this stage the competitors will attempt to solve various problems within a specified time. Permitted languages are Pascal, C and C++ under DOS or Windows. All finalist will recieve a certificate of attendance. And prizes will be awarded to the best three.

The Date of the final:

October 1995, at The Invex Computer 95 fair, Brno.


Accommodation and meals will be provided by the organizers. Travel expenses will not be covered.

Contact address:

Stanice Techniku Vysehrad
Vratislavova 15
128 00
Czech Republic
Phone: +42-2-29 46 07
Fax: +42-2-242 183 15, or +42-2-691 12 74

The Programming Problems

1. Chess-board

Write a program which can determine if it is possible to place a given number of queens and knights on a chess-board, such that no piece threaten another. If the program finds a solution it should be displayed. In addition, it must be possible to design the chess-board such that it can have up to twenty-six rows (1-26) and columns (A-Z).

2. Dice

Write a program which will simulate the throwing of a dice.

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