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The IOI Scientific Committee (ISC) was established at the GA Meeting on October 14, 1999, at IOI'99 in Antalya-Belek, Turkey. For that purpose, the IOI Regulations were amended.


The tasks of the ISC are defined in the IOI Regulations (as of IOI'99), Statutes Section S4.12.

Member List

According to the IOI Regulations (as of end IOI 2007), the IOI Scientific Committee consists of The chair is elected by and from the ISC.

The current members of the ISC are:

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Former members of the ISC

Mailing List

There is an IOI-SC Mailing List especially for use by the ISC itself.

Meetings of the ISC

ISC Documents

A Proposal for an IOI Syllabus
Article by Tom Verhoeff, Gyula Horváth, Krzysztof Diks, Gordon Cormack appeared in Teaching Mathematics and Computer Science, Vol. IV, Issue 1, pp.193-216.

At IOI 2006, the ISC approved and adopted the proposed IOI Syllabus for internal use by ISC.


Statistics about scores

Concepts, Terminology, and Notations for IOI Competition Tasks
In this document, we classify concepts, terminology and notations with respect to their usability in IOI competition tasks. We distinguish three usability classes: basic knowledge (can be used without further ado), to-be-defined (can be used, but must be defined explicitly), and to-be-avoided (must not be used). The classification primarily concerns the use in task descriptions, which are presented to contestants at the beginning of the competition. But it also concerns solutions handed out after the competition. This classification can benefit both organizers and participants in their preperations for an IOI competition.

Principles behind IOI 2004 Competition Tasks and Their Grading (also applicable to IOI 2005)

GA Task Approval Procedure Motivation
GA Task Approval Procedure

RobIn Documentation
This document also contains considerations and guidelines concerning the format of input and output files in IOI tasks.

Guidelines for IOI Competitions (working document only, not approved by GA)
These Guidelines set a standard for the organization of the COMPETITION at the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI). They have been adopted by the ISC as their part of their operating principles.

Comments, questions, and remarks about these Guidelines are welcome:

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