IOI Sponsors

The IOI Secretariat kindly thanks the following sponsors:
Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE)
The Faculty of Mathematics and Computing Science at TUE makes available space on their WWW server to accommodate the IOI Secretariat.

ARJ Software
ARJ Software donated a free license for the ARJ archiver package to the IOI Secretariat.

ARJ is used to produce self-extracting compressed archives of the WWW pages at the IOI Secretariat (so-called snapshots) for distribution to those who do not have on-line WWW access.

ARJ was also used at IOI'95 to create password-protected archives with the secret test data, and to produce, for each competitor, a self-extracting compressed archive containing the competitor's work and information on the test runs.

EnReach Technology, Inc.
EnReach Technology, Inc. donated a free licence to the IOI for their royalty-free HTML player I-View(TM).

I-View will be included with future snapshots of the IOI Secretariat to enable off-line viewing under MS-Windows, that is, for viewing of the snapshot without the need for Internet/WWW access.

The IOI welcomes additional long-term sponsors for such things as equipment and software. Candidate IOI sponsors are requested to contact the IOI Secretariat.

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