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5-Sep-2007Call for IOI 2008 Tasks
Submission Deadline: 30 November 2007
04-Jun-2006Just appeared:
Methods of Problem Solving in Informatics: International Olympiads
Written in Russian by
Vladimir Kiryukhin (Russian teamleader) and Stanislav Okulov
ISBN 978-5-94774-680-8
30-Oct-2006Web site for IOI 2007 is now on-line
13-Sep-2006Jari Koivisto (Finland) appointed by IC as
new Executive Director of the IOI (e-mail text)
23-Aug-2006 Final results of IOI 2006 and statistics are now available.
Compare to Past Competition Statistics.
20-Aug-2006 Photograph of IOI 2006 participants at Chichén Itzá.
Large version (3.4 MB)
20-Aug-2006 Publication of Final Results for IOI 2006 is delayed.
20-Aug-2006All IOI 2006 newsletters and tasks are available.
14-Aug-2006A Proposal for an IOI Syllabus
28-Jun-2006 IOI Newsletter Nr. 6 June 2006
26-May-2006The IOI 2006 website has been renewed.
It now includes the Competition Rules.
28-Mar-2006Google Earth KMZ file with all IOI sites
7-Mar-2006 IOI President's Memorial Speech: [PDF]
27-Feb-2006 Obituary Notice Lionel Hartmann [e-mail, PDF]
11-Jan-2006The dates for IOI'06 have been confirmed: 13-20 August
4-Jan-2006Wolfgang Pohl was appointed by IC as new Executive Director of the IOI
29-Aug-2005Time line toward Linux-only contest environment at IOI 2006
23-Aug-2005Zide Du (China) was elected as first IOI President
Results of IOI 2005 in Poland
3-Aug-2005Call for Papers for the workshop
Perspectives on Computer Science Competitions for (High School) Students
Workshop Web Pages
Submission Deadline: 31 October 2005
Workshop in Dagsthuhl (D): 25-28 January 2005
2-Aug-2005IOI Linux bootable practice CD image available:
Motivation, Getting Started, Troubleshooting
CD Image (364 MB!!!), ioihome.zip
17-May-2005 IOI Newsletter Nr. 5 May 2005
Recommended literature, such as Skiena's Algorithm Design Manual, or
Kernighan & Pike's The Practice of Programming.

The International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) is an annual competition in the discipline of informatics (computing science) for senior pupils at secondary schools all over the world. The IOI has a relatively short history and, we hope, a long future among the International Science Olympiads.

The IOI Regulations constitute the official definition of the IOI. The International Committee supervises the IOI.

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These WWW pages serve as a permanent IOI Secretariat, where you can obtain IOI-related material, such as the competition tasks of past IOIs and literature recommendations for self-study (in association with Amazon.com).

There is also an IOI Mailing List for conducting discussions related to the IOI.

Many countries organize a national olympiad in informatics to select the pupils they send to the IOI.

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Almost over: IOI2007 [ Home Page in Croatia ]

IOI2007 will be hosted by Croatia in Zagreb on August 15-22, 2007.
E-mail IOI2007 organization: ioi2007@hsin.hr.


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Coming up: IOI2008 [ Home Page in Egypt (going on-line in October 2007) ]

IOI2008 will be hosted by Egypt in Cairo, on ? August, 2007 (to be confirmed).
E-mail IOI2008 organization: info@ioi2008.org (to be established)


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ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest

Students that have finished high school and want to continue participation in programming contests, should consider the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.

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