Frequently Asked Questions at the IOI Secretariat

The IOI Secretariat receives numerous requests for information. Here are some of these questions, together with their answers.

How can I participate in the International Olympiad in Informatics?

  1. You must be enrolled in a secondary school, and not over twenty years of age (see the IOI Regulations for details). You must not have received tertiary education.
  2. Your country (of which you are a citizen, having a valid passport) should have been invited to participate in the IOI (see the list of delegations that participated at a recent IOI; these countries will most likely send a delegation to the next IOI; other countries may be invited because they sent an observer to the previous IOI, or they may be one of the few countries receiving a special invitation from the next IOI Host; contact the organizing committee in the IOI Host to find out more).
  3. You should become a member of the delegation that will participate on behalf of your country at the next IOI. Most likely your country organizes a national olympiad in informatics to select such a delegation.

Where can I obtain information about the International XYZ Olympiad (where XYZ is not Informatics)?

The main purpose of the IOI Secretariat is to serve the International Olympiad in Informatics. The IOI Secretariat also maintains pages with limited information for other international science olympiads, that is, for XYZ = Before sending requests to the IOI Secretariat, please see if you can find your answer there.

Where can I obtain information about UNESCO item XYZ?

The main purpose of the IOI Secretariat is to serve the International Olympiad in Informatics. UNESCO initiated and sponsored the first IOI in 1989. A local UNESCO representative is invited to observe each IOI. That is where the connection with UNESCO ends. The IOI Secretariat is not informed about UNESCO-related affairs.

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