Competition Tasks of Past IOIs

Here is the list of competition tasks for past IOIs:
  1. IOI'89
  2. IOI'90
  3. IOI'91
  4. IOI'92
  5. IOI'93 - incl. backup tasks
  6. IOI'94
  7. IOI'95
  8. IOI'96
  9. IOI'97
  10. IOI'98
  11. IOI'99
  12. IOI2000
  13. IOI2001
  14. IOI2002
  15. IOI2003
  16. IOI2004
  17. IOI2005
  18. IOI2006
  19. IOI2007
  20. IOI2008 (you wish :-)

Note that the grading model changed at IOI'94 and beyond. Before IOI'94, a human evaluator would sit behind the competitor's computer and do the testing manually (enter test data through the keyboard, check the output on the screen). I don't know how the test cases were specified (may be written on a piece of paper) and how carefully they were applied. Starting at IOI'94 an automatic grading process has been used, with test input defined in files.

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