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The 14th International Olympiad in Informatics

Yong-In, Korean Republic, August 18-25, 2002

President: Ha-Jine Kimn. 78? countries participate with 276 competitors.
WWW Home Page
This is the official WWW Home Page for IOI2002.
It will be available from April 2001 in Korean, and from July 2001 in English.
E-mail IOI2002 organization: ioi2002@ioi2002.or.kr.

Maps of Korea
These maps are from the Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection.
Yong-In is 35km south of the capitol Seoul (South Korea).

Information about the logo and other tokens.
These graphics are copyright by IOI 2002. You have permission to use these graphics,
"if it will be used in relation to encourage the participation and to publicize the IOI and the IOI 2002."

The Schedule
What happened when?
Timeline toward IOI2002: Timeline:

The Competition
The competition material of IOI2002 (tasks, test data, background info, support programs, solutions, etc.)

The Results
The list of medalists at IOI2002 and their final scores.

IOI2002 was won by Wanyeong JUNG (Republic of Korea), who obtained the highest score of 510 out of 600 points.

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