General Assemblies of the IOI

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The General Assembly (GA) is defined by the IOI Regulations (Statutes S4.8) as
a temporary, short-term committee during IOI'n, which is composed of:

In a sense, the GA ``owns'' the IOI.

Meetings of the GA

At IOI'99 it was decided that all GA Meetings should be minuted.
Meetings at IOI2006:

Meetings at IOI2005:
Agenda, Minutes

Meetings at IOI2004:
Agenda, Minutes

Meetings at IOI2003:

Meetings at IOI2002:
Dissussion items concerning future IOI competitions

Meetings at IOI2001:
Report by Executive Director

Meetings at IOI2000:
Items for discussion
Report by Executive Director

Meetings at IOI99:
Minutes of informal discussion meeting

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