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Link to Official IPhO web site
IPhO President Dr. Waldemar Gorzkowski passed away on 15 July 2007

International Physics Olympiad (IPhO)

The International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) is an annual physics competition for highschool students. It is one of the International Science Olympiads. The first IPhO was held in Warsaw, Poland, in 1967. The competition is for teams of five students, none of whom have yet entered university. Individual competitors sit for intensive theoretical and laboratory examinations. For their efforts the students can be awarded gold, silver, or bronze medals or honourable mentions.

A list of recommended physics literature for self-study is slowly evolving.

General Information

Secretariat, Regulations, etc.

Official Webpages for the International Physics Olympiad
Contains the statutes, the syllabus, and an extensive description of the history of the IPhO. Maintained by Prof. Maija Ahtee.

International Secretariat of IPhO [ also see contact info for IPhO Secretariat ]
The official FTP site for International Secretariat of the IPhO is maintained by the President of the IPhO (Waldemar Gorzkowski passed away on 15 July 2007):
IPhO President
Institute of Physics (at the Polish Academy of Sciences)
al. Lotnikow 32/46
Fax: +48 22 8430 926
E-mail: gorzk@gamma1.ifpan.edu.pl
The IPhO Secretary is Prof. Maija Ahtee from Finland ahtee@edu.jyu.fi.

The International Secretariat carries such information as:

History [ local copy ]
Brief History of the IPhO.
Statutes [ local copy ]
Accepted in Padova in 1999.
Syllabus [ local copy ]
An appendix to the Statutes adopted in 1991.
E-mail List
Contact information sorted by country.
Participation statistics from the very beginning of the IPhO
Information about other national and international physics competitions
[ Submission form ]

`All the links to the IPhO'
This website is powered by Yevgeny Kats, who was a member of the Israeli team to the 29th IPhO (Iceland, 1998).

World Federation of Physics Competitions
Web pages maintained by Dr. Hans Jordens, President of the Federation (h.jordens@phys.rug.nl).

Future IPhOs

36th IPhO 2005
The 36th IPhO will be hosted by Spain in Salamanca on 3-12 July 2005.
Contact: admin@ipho2005.com

37th IPhO 2006
The 37th IPhO will be hosted by Singapore in ? on ?-? ? 2006.

38th IPhO 2007
The 38th IPhO will be hosted by Iran in ? on ?-? ? 2007.

39th IPhO 2008
The 39th IPhO will be hosted by Vietnam in ? on ?-? ? 2008.

40th IPhO 2009
The 40th IPhO will be hosted by ? in ? on ?-? ? 2009.

41st IPhO 2010
The 41st IPhO will be hosted by Croatia in ? on ?-? ? 2010.

Past IPhOs

35th IPhO 2004
The 35th IPhO was hosted by Korea in Pohang on 15-23 July 2004.
Chair of organizing committee: Prof. Dr. Zheong G. Khim

34th IPhO
The 34th IPhO was hosted by Taiwan in Taipei on 2-12 August (postponed from 12-21 July), 2003.

33rd IPhO
The 33rd IPhO was hosted by Indonesia in Bali on 21-30 July, 2002.

32nd IPhO
The 32nd IPhO was hosted by Turkey in Antalya on June 28-July 6, 2001.

31st IPhO
The 31st IPhO was hosted by the United Kingdom at the University of Leicester on July 16-25, 2000. Contact:
Dr. Cyril Isenberg, FInst, FIMA
Physics Laboratory
University of Kent
Kent CT2 7NR
Phone: +44-1227-823768
Fax: +44-1227-827558
E-mail: C.Isenberg@ukc.ac.uk

30th IPhO
The 30th IPhO was hosted by Italy in Padova on July 18-27, 1999. Contact:
Prof. Giuliana Cavaggioni
I.T.I.S. "A. Pacinotti"
via Caneve 93
30173 Venezia-Mestre
Fax: +39-41-5841272
E-mail: olifis@no.sctrade.it

29th IPhO
The 29th IPhO was hosted by Iceland in Reykjavik on July 2-10, 1998.

Office of the Olympiad:

Taeknigardur, University of Iceland
Dunhagi 5
IS-107 Iceland
Tel.: +354 525-5812
Fax: +354 552-8801
E-mail: ipho@rhi.hi.is

28th IPhO (1997) [ results | proceedings ]
The 28th IPhO was hosted by Canada in Sudbury, Ontario, on July 13-21, 1997. Director of the 28th IPhO was Dr. John Wylie (flipper@helios.physics.utoronto.ca). Additional info.

27th IPhO (1996)
The 27th IPhO was hosted by Norway in Oslo from June 30 to July 7, 1996. Chairman of the Organizing Committee is Prof. Arnt Inge Vistnes (A.I.Vistnes@fys.uio.no).

26th IPhO (1995)
The WWW home page of the 26th IPhO to be held in Canberra, Australia (July 1995). Includes an HTML version of the Statutes (July 1994).

International and Regional Physics Competitions

Asian Physics Olympiad

National Physics Competitions

Belgium (in Flemish, under construction)
In preparation

Information on the Brazilian Physics Olympiad (Portuguese; English and Spanish in preparation). There is also the São Paulo Physics Olympiad.

Information on the Canadian Physics Olympiad, maintained by Dik Harris (dik@physics.mcgill.ca) at the Physics Department of McGill University.

UBC Physics Olympics Website supervised by the UBC Physics Department.

The WWW Home Page for the Colombian Olympiads (in Spanish), covering Mathematics, Phyisics, and Informatics, maintained by Fernando Vega Salamanca (fvega@zulima.uanarino.edu.co).
E-mail: olimpia@federman.uanarino.edu.co

Official site for Tim Olimpiade Fisika Indonesia.
See also information in English about the Indonesian Physics Olympiad Team, maintained by Jeffrey Rufinus (Jeffrey.Rufinus@cern.ch).

The Netherlands
Information (in Dutch) on the Dutch Physics Olympiad.

Information (in Polish) on the Polish Physics Olympiad.

Physics competitions in Slovenia are supervised by DMFA.

Information about the Swedish Physics Comptetition, including problems and solutions, maintained by Lars Gislén (larsg@thep.lu.se).

Information about the Swiss participation in the IPhO in English, French, German, Italian. Also see the Association of Swiss Science Olympiads (ASSO).

Ukraine and here also
Information on the Ukrainian Physics Olympiads, maintained by webmaster@admin.ups.kiev.ua. Contact person: Prof. I. P. Pinkevich (pink@office.ups.kiev.ua)

Since 1986, the American Association of Physics Teachers has organized and sponsored the United States Physics Team for competition at the International Physics Olympiad.

A report on how the US team did at IPhO'95 in Canberra, Australia.

Other Physics Competitions

First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics

Physics on the Web

KöMaL - Mathematical and Physical Journal for Secondary Schools
More than one hundred years ago, Dániel Arany, a high school teacher from the city of Győr, decided to found a mathematical journal for high school students. His goal was "to give a wealth of examples to students and teachers". The journal's first edition appeared on January 1, 1894.

Physics and Astronomy online education and reference.

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