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International Linguistic Olympiad (ILO)

The International Linguistic Olympiad (ILO) is an annual linguistics competition for high-school students. It is one of the International Science Olympiads. It was founded in September 2003.

Future ILOs

5th ILO (2007)
Hosted in St. Petersburg, Russia on ? August 2007.

Past ILOs

4th ILO (2006)
Hosted in Tartu, Estonia on 1-6 August 2006.

3rd ILO (2005)
Hosted in Leiden, The Netherlands, on 8-12 August 2005.

2nd ILO (2004)
Hosted in Moscow, Russia on 31 July - 7 August 2004.

1st ILO (2003)
Hosted in Borovetz, Bulgaria, September 2003.

Regional Linguistics Competitions

Information on the Moscow Open Traditional Olympiads in Linguistics and Mathematics (in Russian).
Information on the Traditional Olympiads in Mathematics and Linguistics in St. Petersburg (in Russian)

North America
Information on the North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad (NAMCLO).

National Linguistics Competitions

The Netherlands
The Dutch Linguistics Olympiad is organized annually, since 2001, as an initiative of professor Alexander Lubotsky.

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