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International Biology Olympiad (IBO)

The International Biology Olympiad (IBO) is an annual biology competition for highschool students. It is one of the International Science Olympiads.

Please mail additional info to ioi-secretariat@win.tue.nl.

A list of recommended biology literature for self-study is slowly evolving.

General info

Coordinating Center
Dr. Tomás Soukup
Institute of Physiology
Department of Functional Morphology
Acadamy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Vídenská 1083
142 20 PRAGUE 4
Czech Republic
E-mail: tsoukup@biomed.cas.cz
Tel.: +42-2-475 2544
Fax.: +42-2-471 9517

IBO Web Site
Gérard Cobut (gerard.cobut@naturalsciences.be) from the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences has set up an extensive IBO web site, including the Organization Rules of the IBO, guidelines for participants and hosts, and information on the theoretical and practical topics covered in the competition tasks.

Future IBOs

IBO 2007
IBO 2007 will be hosted by Canada in Saskatoon on 15-22 July, 2007.

Past IBOs

IBO 2006
IBO 2006 was hosted by Argentina in Rio Cuarto on 9-16 July, 2006.

IBO 2005
IBO 2005 was hosted by China in Beijing on approx. 10-20 July, 2005.

IBO 2004
IBO 2004 was hosted by Australia in Brisbane on 12-18 July, 2004.

IBO 2003
IBO 2003 was hosted by Belarus in Minsk on 8-15 July, 2003.

IBO 2002
IBO 2002 was hosted by Latvia in Jurmala and Riga on July 7-14, 2002.

IBO 2001
IBO 2001 was hosted by Belgium in Brussels on July 8-15, 2001, at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences. Chair of the Organizing Committee is Gerard Cobut.

IBO 2000
IBO 2000 (11th) was hosted by Turkey in Antalya on July 9-16, 2000.

IBO'99 (10th) was hosted by Sweden in Uppsala on July 4-11, 1999.

IBO'98 was hosted by Germany in Kiel on July 19-26, 1998. [Program]

Coordinator of IBO'98:

Dr. Eckhard R. Lucius
Institut für die Pädagogik der Naturwissenschaften an der Universität Kiel
Olshausenstr. 62
24 098 KIEL
Tel. +49-431-880-3137
Fax +49-431-880-3132
E-mail: lucius@ipn.uni-kiel.de

The 8th IBO was hosted by Turkmenistan in Ashgabat on July 13-20, 1997. Webmaster ttm@tm.synapse.ru.

IBO'96 was hosted by Ukraine in Artek on July 7-14, 1996.
Some information about the 6th IBO, which was held in Thailand.

The following list has no longer been updated (and will be removed in the future). See the link above for up-to-date information.
Information about the Biology Olympiad in Belgium:

A tidbit of information about a Canadian Biology Olympiad (unrelated to IBO).

Estonia [ Old link ]
Some information about the Estonian Biology Olympiad (in Estonian).

Information about the German Biology Olympiad and German participation at the IBO.

The Netherlands (in Dutch)
Some information about the Dutch Biology Olympiad (NBO).

Information about the Swiss participation in the IBO in English, French, German, Italian.

United Kingdom
A tidbit of information about the British Biology Olympiad (BBO) at the Institute of Biology.

United States of America
Information about the USA Biology Olympiad (USABO). Contact: Center for Excellence in Education.

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