NIO - Dutch National Informatics Olympiad

[ Informatie in het Nederlands ]

Requested by UNESCO and the Dutch Ministery of Education, Culture & Sciences, the SLO started organizing the NIO (Nederlandse Informatica-Olympiade) in 1990.

The NIO is organized annually in three rounds. In the first round, pupils are invited to solve a small set of problems. There are about 3 months available for this round. The problems may be solved individually or in a group, at home or in school. The main goal of this first round is to stimulate interest in informatics among a large group of pupils that can handle something extra. Pupils acquiring enough points in the first round are awarded the NIO Certificate and are admitted to the second round.

The second round is held on one day at several universities and colleges. The goals are to select the best pupils and to introduce them to the computing science departments. The best pupils -- approximately 15 -- receive additional training. This is followed by the third round.

The winners of the third round receive a challenge trophy and some more training. Also the youngest participant receives a trophy. The winners will be the Dutch competitors in the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI).

NIO Organization

The first round of each NIO starts in the fall. The problem set (in Dutch only) can be obtained via the Dutch NIO Home Page, via Dutch highschools, or at
[Opgaven NIO eerste ronde]
t.a.v. mevr. M. Nijhuis
Postbus 2041
The Netherlands

Tel. +31 53 484 0336

You can work on these problems of the first round at home or in school, alone or in a group.

As extra stimulus there is a prize, valued 1000.- Dutch Guilders, for one of the correct solutions to problem 1 submitted before a deadline.

The second round of each NIO will be held in the spring. This round will be held at several places in The Netherlands and it is a competition for individuals.

The NIO selects the best team for participation at the IOI'99.

NIO-related Material

Problem sets of previous rounds (in Dutch):

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