SLO, The Netherlands Institute for Curriculum Development

[The SLO did not have its own web pages at the time of IOI'95. Now they do: SLO WWW Home Page.]

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Education is as complex as the world in which we live. The Netherlands has a lot of experience in education. Its expertise in the reform of educational content is gathered in the Netherlands Institute for Curriculum Development (Dutch: Instituut voor Leerplan-Ontwikkeling; abbrev. SLO). SLO carries out projects in The Netherlands that result in the improvement and innovation of education.

What is SLO's main task?

SLO's main task is the devolpment and dissemination of information about curricula. The emphasis is on the translation of educational innovation into products and services that are of immediate use in everyday school practice and provide answers to problems felt in that practice.

Examples from this wide field of activity are:

SLO is also responsible for the National Olympiads in Chemistry, Biology and Informatics.

Educaplan Ltd.

SLO is a non-profit organisation. The Dutch government gives SLO an annual subsidy which is meant for assignments commissioned by the Dutch government or Dutch educational organisations.

For orders and questions from businesses and institutions SLO set up a subsidiary company, Educaplan Ltd.. Educaplan Ltd. carries out paid orders at home and abroad with SLO's expertise and experience.

In Conclusion

SLO and its subsidiary Educaplan Ltd. offer a comprehensive service package in the area of curriculum development in all its aspects. Know-how and made-to-measure service are the guiding principles for this work.

SLO has a thorough knowledge of Dutch education; however, it has pushed back the frontiers and found out that the organisation's joint expertise is also appreciated abroad.

For additional information about SLO's and Educaplan's services you may contact directly either of the following two organisations:

The Netherlands Institute for Curriculum Development
P.O. Box 2041
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 53 840 840
Fax: +31 53 307 692

Educaplan Ltd.
The Netherlands Institute for Curriculum Development
P.O. Box 1082
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 53 801 080
Fax: +31 53 801 010