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26 june Monday: Day of arrival

IOI Buses will be waiting for you at Amsterdam Airport and at Eindhoven Railway Station during this day.
Don't use Eindhoven Airport for at least three reasons: it is quite expensive; you have to arrange your own transport to Eindhoven Railway station; it will probably take you longer to get to Eindhoven Railway Station.
After arrival in Eindhoven you will be registered, you will have some time to look around the University Campus, and will be transported to your lodging place: Center Parcs.
Opening Ceremony at 18.00 in the Philips Evoluon where we will have dinner just after the Opening Ceremony. (Don't worry if you will be a little bit late.)

27 june Tuesday: A visit to Amsterdam

The students and our/your guides will leave for a trip to Amsterdam.
The Teamleaders will have a meeting first before joining the group in Amsterdam, just after their boat tour through the canals of Amsterdam.
Main issues on the meeting: information about the contest, the regulations and the program of IOI'95.

28 june Wednesday: First Contest Day

6.00 Start of the day
Three problems will be presented; one of them will be a new one.
11.00 Students will start
16.00 End of the First Contest
17.00 Start of Evaluation
22.00 End of Evaluation

29 june Thursday: A visit to Rotterdam; (a quiet day)

The Teamleaders will have a meeting first before joining the group in Rotterdam.
Main issues: The New Problem; The first competition day.

30 june Friday: Second Contest Day

Like the first one. Three 'normal' problems will be presented.

1 july Saturday: Relax and enjoy the first day of The Science Fair

The Teamleaders will have a meeting. (Re)election of new IC members. The students will visit the Science Fair. They will have the opportunity to attempt a Guinness book - record.

2 july Sunday: Second day of the Science Fair and Closing Ceremony at The Frits Philips Music Centre.

17.00 Awarding and Closing Ceremony. Formal dress will be appreciated.

3 july Monday: Day of departure.

The International Committee will have a meeting at every contest day at 13.00 hours.

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