Country-Registration-Form for IOI'95

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NOTE: This form is only an example!

Country-Registration-Forms have been sent to all countries that have a right to participate according to the IOI Regulations. Other countries wishing to participate must first contact the IOI'95 Secretariat at the address below to obtain an invitation.

Fill in to your best knowledge and send or fax before March 1, 1995, to:

Marian Nijhuis - IOI'95 Secretariat
PO Box 2041
7500 AC Enschede 
The Netherlands

Fax: int + 31 53 307692
Or send the contents of this country-registration-form by e-mail to Ries Kock at e-mail address:


Responsible person





Number of students male

Number of students female

Number of teamleaders/
observers male

Number of teamleaders/
observers female

Number of guests male

Number of guests female