IOI Regulations - Appendices 2000

A1 Preamble

A2 Definitions

A3 Objectives and Means

A4 Office Bearers and Tasks

A5 Host Nomination and Selection

A6 Responsibilities of Present Host

A7 Competition, Judging and Awards

A8 Revisions of the Regulations

A4 Office Bearers and Tasks


The election procedure in the GA for the delegated representatives of three Countries to the IC is:

The GA calls for nominations to fill the position vacant through rotation from interested Countries and makes a list of these Countries in an alphabetic order.

Only Participating Countries are eligible for nomination

Only voting members of the GA (ie Participating Countries) may nominate and vote.

Countries already represented on the IC must be excluded from this list.

The incumbent standing down may be re-nominated if available.

The maximum number of vacancies is one.

The period over which a Country is delegated to the IC is three years.

In the first vote each Country present votes for that Country from the alphabetic list which they wish to see delegated to the IC.

The first vote makes up a list of Countries in order of preference - the Country with highest votes being listed first.


In the event that two or more nominated Countries secure the same number of votes, then only these Countries with be subjected to the second vote.

In the second vote each Country present votes for that Country from the tied alphabetic list which they wish to see delegated to the IC.

In the event of a further tie in votes between two or more Counties, then in terms of Statutes S4.10, the President of the GA shall cast the deciding vote.

The election procedure is finished when the chosen Country accepts their appointment to the IC.

The voting is by secret ballot.


The International Secretariat of the IOI can be found at URL:

The materials at the IOI Secretariat will include (items marked with + are available, items marked with - are not yet available):

+ History and development of the IOI

- Long-term plans for the IOI

+ IOI Regulations, current and past versions

+ Membership list of the International Committee, with contact info

- Membership list of the Board of Patrons, with contact info

+ For each Past IOI:

- Official report of IOI'n

+ Host country, place of competition, date, Executive Director of the IOI,Manager of IOI'n, President of the General Assembly of IOI'n

- Organizing institution(s) and sponsor(s)

+ Problem set

- Judging info

- Solutions

- Participating and Observing Countries, with contact info

- Results (score lists; medals awarded), other statistics

+ List of future IOI Host Countries, with contact info and

- date, place of competition, organizing institution(s)

- Overall IOI statistics

+ IOI mailing list

+ Material for self-study

+ Guidelines for IOI organization

+ Info on National Informatics Olympiads

- Organizing institution(s), with contact info

- Historical info

- Organization: number of rounds, locations, pupils

- Some national olympiad problems translated into English

+ Other IOI-Related info (e.g. concerning similar competitions)

In some Countries there is no Ministry of Education. Meant are those Ministries that are in charge for education.

A6 Responsibilities of Present Host


The Present Host is obliged to prepare Guidelines for the organization, a plan suited for the local situation of IOI'n, for the production, organization, timetables and distribution of information of:

Present Host: organizing institute(s), Host Team, secretariat of IOI'n (with names and complete addresses).

Programme: date of IOI'n, date and time of the Opening Ceremony, Competitions, General Assembly, Awards and Closing Ceremony, agenda of social & cultural programme.

Locations: complete addresses of all IOI'n location(s), buildings, rooms, maps.

Facilities: computers for Leaders and Contestants, Internet, photocopier, organizational & technical support, support to and from International Secretariat.

Board & lodging and leisure: bedrooms, meals, mealtimes, facilities for refreshment, sport, medical care and insurance.

Registration: invitation to participate, newsletters, registration forms/procedures for Participants, Observers and Guests, deadlines for registration, fees for Observers and Guests, list of names, addresses and bedrooms of Participants, Observers and Guests.

Country information: visas, travelling between seaport or airport and IOI'n location(s), travelling between IOI'n location(s), public transport, currency, stamps, public telephone, climate, complete address of tourist association, voltage.

Competition: establishing a Scientific Committee, global description and preparation of Competition Tasks and associated judging model, equipment & software, conducting the Competition, technical support, competition procedures.

Awards: Judging Procedures, medals.

Proceedings: production and distribution.

Financing (not necessarily public): fees, sponsors, accounting.

The Competition Procedures contain information about: asking questions, reporting failures, testing datafiles, printing, decision using private diskettes (with or without software or datafiles), decision about using private printed or written materials, visiting the refreshment rooms, handing in solutions, and so on, during the Competition.

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