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The 6th International Olympiad in Informatics

Haninge, Sweden, July 3 - 10, 1994

President: Yngve Lindberg. 49 countries participated.
The Regulations
The Regulations for IOI'94.
The Competition
The competition rules, problem set, test data, and documented solutions for IOI'94.
The Results
The list of final scores for the medal winners of IOI'94.
WWW Home Page
This is the official WWW Home Page for IOI'94. Here you find the programme of events, programming problems, test data, pictures, etc.
The Final Report (in preparation: to appear in first half of 1995)
The official report on IOI'94.
Tom's Report
This is an extensive report for IOI'94 by Tom Verhoeff, head of the Scientific Committee for IOI'95. It also contains brief descriptions of all the programming problems (not the official phrasings; those can be found elsewhere). The original PostScript version of this report is also available.
Don's Report
This is a report on IOI'94 by Don Piele, leader of the team from the U.S.A.
Charlie's Pictures
A WWW page with pictures that Charlie Daly (Team Leader Ireland) took at IOI'94.
Programming Style Investigation
Gintautas Grigas (gintautas.grigas@SPS.MII.lt) of Lithuania investigated the relationship between program correctness and programming style at IOI'94. This is a draft version of his article.

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