IOI2001 Competitor Questionnaire


There were 272 competitors at IOI2001. Each delegation received 4 competitor questionnaires in their mailbox togehter with the results for the Second Competition Day. By the end of IOI2001, we had received 119 completed forms (almost 45%). The survey was anonymous.

When interpreting individual responses, it should be noted that

In particular, the last point should be kept in mind when reading the responses to the open questions. No doubt, competitors would have added (even) more detail, if they had seen the responses of others to help them recall the events.

As always, it is not clear how representative the set of respondents is for the whole ensemble. However, because of the large number of respondents, the overall picture painted by the whole set seems fairly accurate.

Brief summary of results

We have not looked at possible correlations between answers (e.g. program language versus platform), but this can be easily obtained from the raw data. Other correlations (e.g. final score versus language) cannot be uncovered for lack of information (due to the anonymous nature of the survey).

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