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The organizers of IOI'n have almost complete freedom to adopt an IOI'n logo. There are, however, a few limitations and recommendations.

The Olympic Symbol (picture), consisting of "the five Olympic Rings used alone, in one or in several colours", is a legally protected entity of the IOC and cannot be used as such for the IOI. Variations on the Olympic Symbol are to some extent allowed, but special care is needed. (Mention IOI'91 in Athens, interlaced computer monitor frames; possibly scan picture). Of course, the colors in those rings (blue, yellow, black, green, and red) may be used.

It is recommended that the IOI logo somehow contains the letters IOI and/or that its symbolism reminds of informatics, and/or that it reminds of the Host (city).

The logo used at IOI'94 (picture) has been adopted as general IOI logo (by the General Assembly at IOI'95). There is also an official IOI flag displaying this logo. The flag is handed over to the next Host at the closing ceremony of IOI'n (?).

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