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International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO)

The International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) is an annual chemistry competition for highschool students. It is one of the International Science Olympiads.

The idea of the IChO emerged at the Czechoslovak National Olympiad in 1968, where observers from Hungary and Poland were present. These three countries participated in the first IChO which took place in Prague, in 1968. In 1971, no IChO was held. [source]

The ten best IChO tasks (in PDF; requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader). A list of recommended chemistry literature for self-study is in the making.

Secretariat, Regulations, etc.

International Information Center IChO

The IChO Regulations of July 1994. The Appendix is only partly available. See below under Australia for a complete version (in HTML).

Future IChOs

36th IChO 2004
The 36th IChO (alternative URL) will be hosted by Germany in Kiel on July 18-27, 2004.
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37th IChO 2005
The 37th IChO will be hosted by Taiwan in ? on ? ?-?, 2005.

38th IChO 2006
The 38th IChO will be hosted by South Korea in ? on ? ?-?, 2006.

39th IChO 2007
The 39th IChO will be hosted by Lithuania in ? on ? ?-?, 2007.

40th IChO 2008
The 40th IChO will be hosted by Hungary in ? on ? ?-?, 2008.

41th IChO 2009
The 41th IChO will be hosted by England in ? on ? ?-?, 2009.

Past IChOs

35th IChO
The 35th IChO was hosted by Greece in Athens on July 5-14, 2003.
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34th IChO
The 34th IChO was hosted by The Netherlands in Groningen on July 5-14, 2002. Chair of organizing committee: J. H. Apotheker.

33rd IChO
The 33rd IChO was hosted by India in Mumbai (Bombay) on July 6-15, 2001.

32st IChO
The 32st IChO was hosted by Denmark in Copenhagen on 2-11 July, 2000.

31st IChO
The 31st IChO was hosted by Thailand in Bangkok on July 4-11, 1999.
Contact information:
Dr.Charanai Panichajakul
PO Box 1072
Kasetsart University
Bangkok 10903
E-mail: icho31@ku.ac.th
Tel : ( 662 )942-8036
Fax : (662 )942-8715
30th IChO (1998)
The 30th IChO was hosted by Australia in Melbourne on July 5-13, 1998.
E-mail the organizers: icho@raci.org.au.

29th IChO (1997)
The 29th IChO was hosted by Canada in Montreal on July 13-23, 1997.

28th IChO (1996)
The 28th IChO was hosted by the Russian Federation in Moscow on July 14-23, 1996, at Moscow State University. The schedule and results can also be found via the German IChO pages below.

27th IChO (1995)
The 27th IChO was hosted by China in Beijing on July 12-20, 1995. A report and the results can be found via the Australian IChO pages below.

26th IChO (1994)
Home page for the 26th IChO held in Olso, Norway, on July 3-11, 1994. Includes a report, problems, results, and statistics.

National Chemistry Competitions

Information on the Australian Olympiads. ???such as the Regulations of the IChO (July 1994). This information is part of the Australian Chemistry Network, which is located at the Chemistry Department, University College (UNSW), in Canberra, Australia.

WWW pages (not official) about the Austrian Chemistry Olympiad (ÖChO).

Belgium (in Flemish)
Information on the Flemish Chemistry Olympiad (VCO = Vlaamse Chemie Olympiade); coordinator professor Erik Onkelinx (onkelinx@luc.ac.be) at the Limburg Univeristy Center.

Brasil (unofficial)
WWW pages (in Portuguese) about the Brasilian Chemistry Olympiad (OGQ = Olimpíada Brasileira de Química).

Information on the Canadian Chemistry Olympiad.

WWW pages on chemistry olympiads (including an extensive list of recommended German chemistry literature) maintained by Jens Baldamus (baldamus@writeme.com) from the university of Leipzig. Chair of the Förderverein Chemie-Olympiade e.V. is Christoph Kiener (Christoph.Kiener@lrz.tu-muenchen.de).
A German site concerning chemistry in everyday life is Chemie im Alltag: Das Experiment (in German).

WWW pages on the IChO and Hungary.

Information about the Latvian Chemistry Olympiad, also in English.

WWW pages (in Spanish) on the Mexican Chemistry Olympiad (OMQ = Olimpiada Mexicana de Quimica).

Information on the Spanish Chemistry Olympiad (in Spanish).

Information about the Swiss Chemistry Olympiad in English, German, French, and Italian.

United States of America
United States National Chemistry Olympiad (USNCO).
See also Some information about the U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad 1998.

Also contains general info about chemistry olympiads.

Chemistry on WWW

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